Amber Rose Brings Her Own Smoking Section To Made In America

amber rose1 Amber Rose Brings Her Own Smoking Section To Made In America

Caillou can’t be fucking bothered. That’s the exact same expression I had while watching House Mother Kanye’s job interview with Kris Jenner.

With an inverted cross in the middle of her forehead and cancer stick in hand, Philly native Amber Rose looked on from the side of the stage while watching husband Wiz Khalifa perform at the Made In America Festival in her hometown on Sunday (September 1).

amber rose2 Amber Rose Brings Her Own Smoking Section To Made In America

“We came to get high on music and we came to get high on love,” Wiz told the crowd during his performance set that included signature songs like “Black & Yellow and “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

The smitten newlywed couple recently stopped by Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 to chat it up about their wedding day. Watch the sit-down below.

Work Hard, Play Harder

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Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

wiz style Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

Between spending time with his new little loud pack of joy and staying higher than those notes K-Ci thought he was hitting over in London, pulling together a decent outfit is clearly the last thing on Wiz Khalifa‘s mind.

While we are willing to overlook the Taylor Gang general’s decision to rock fiancée Amber Rose’s sweatpants and all-purpose stud top to the surprise 25th birthday party for Big Sean last night, the citizens of Crunkland aren’t letting him off the hook that easy.

Detrice: That baby has him messed up already. Big difference staying up all night getting high and making music compared to parenting that infant.

Tony: When did Wiz start dressing like a Cree Summer during the 80′s?

Ashley: Bringing Bill Cosby sweaters to the 21st century. Shout out to passing the torch.

What’s your verdict on his style? 

Quick Quotes: Wiz Khalifa Can’t Stay Mad At Amber Rose

wiz aber11 Quick Quotes: Wiz Khalifa Cant Stay Mad At Amber Rose

On his latest album ‘O.N.I.F.C.,’ which dropped this week, Wiz Khalifa shares an affectionate real-life voicemail left by future wife Amber Rose with listeners at the end of the track “Initiation.”

“Hey baby, it’s me. I know you out there performing right now but I just wanted to leave you a little message to let you know how much I love you and I miss you,” she whispers sweetly. “And I wish you were home with me right now. And I’m so proud of you. And I’m so happy that you’re doing so well out there.”

The Pittsburgh rapper says he is enjoying putting his feeling for Ambot on wax. “It’s fun for me to write these records now because I’m puttin’ together everything that I go through with my wife and being able to inspire people to the point where it’s like a story or a book,” Wiz revealed to MTV News while on the promo trail at SiriusXM Radio.

He added, “We’re in love, we love each other. We’re happy, and just those good feelings.”

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Engaged And Expecting: Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose For XXL Magazine

wiz amber1 Engaged And Expecting: Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose For XXL Magazine

With a little loud pack in the oven, parents-to-be Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are affectionate as ever in the photo spread that accompanies their October/November cover story for XXL magazine.

The engaged and expecting couple spoke openly to editor-in-chief Vanessa Satten about their excitement about being in love and becoming parents, life as a celebrity couple in the world of hip-hop and Wiz toning down his herbal habits.

Wiz On Recording His New Album With Amber At Home

“I just gotta do it. The most important thing is knowing that she is there and I have to tend to my babies. This is my first child ever in life. I gotta go hard at everything. As hard as I go in the studio, I gotta go just as hard taking care of my baby and making sure she’s alright, and I’m spending time with her and she doesn’t feel neglected.”

Amber On Giving Birth

“I’m so ready. I’m going all-natural. I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine. I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomachache or anything, I’ll say, ‘I popped out a baby all-natural.’”

Baby, Baby, Baby

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Congrats! Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Have A Little Loud Pack In The Oven

amber 1 Congrats! Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Have A Little Loud Pack In The Oven

Duplicating the antics of Queen Creole last year, Chester The Cheetah and Calliou announced on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet that they are expecting a little loud pack of their own last night!

While presenting an award Wiz Khalifa confirmed that wife-to-be Amber Rose is three months along into her pregnancy — and we’ve been speculating amongst ourselves on the gifts Auntie Kanye should mail to her baby shower every since. How about an “I will send you back to the strip club” onesie with an Kim Kardashian endorsement tweet?

Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

onifc Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

Whether it’s from good Cali weed or from his fiancee Amber Rose‘s love juices we all know Wiz Khalifa stays high. That probably explains the inspiration behind this outfit.

For the cover of his upcoming album ‘O.N.I.C. (Only Nigga In First Class)’, Wiz pairs a sickening white dalmatian fur with a pair of Americana inspired nut-huggers worn by Dwight Eubanks at his 4th of July cookout last year.

No shirt needed as the Pittsburgh rapper shows off his bird tatted chest and look of come hither. Werk Wiz! What’s your verdict on his style?

Here’s what the kids around the cafeteria table on our Facebook page have to say:

“If Rick James and Eddie King Jr’s sperm could become one and that said sperm was then to fertilize an egg in Macy Greys womb. Okay I get the album cover concept now.” – ChiAnn

Amber Rose Goes Back To School

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