Candids of Will Smith In NYC

Candids of Will Smith In NYC

I’m so happy to see Will out and about. Whoo, he isn’t on Suri Cruise watch any more. I was starting to think he joined a cult after listening to a promotional copy of Wicked Wisdom’s cd. But I will put away my Kerney Thomas prayer hankie since all is well. Seriously, my umi was worried for a minute.

will 1 Candids of Will Smith In NYC will 3 Candids of Will Smith In NYC will 2 Candids of Will Smith In NYC

But peep the guy on the side in the first photo. Look closely now. Can you spot a dirt angel? I smell manna from heaven.

BET’s 25 Hottest Bodies

Yeaaaaaaaah! BET’s 25 Hottest Bodies

kcihot BETs 25 Hottest Bodies

Like many of you, I gritted my teeth and sat through Tocarra and Kevin Hart’s lame hosting and watched ‘BET’s 25 Hottest Bodies’ countdown last night. Here’s the list for those of you who may have missed the show.

25. Omarion
24. Tracee Ellis Ross
23. Morris Chestnut
22. Ciara
21. Usher
20. Serena Williams
19. Will Smith
18. Roselyn Sanchez
17. Henry Simmons
16. Tocarra
15. Boris Kodjoe
14. Gabrielle Union
13. Tyrese
12. Lisa Raye
11. The Rock
10. Tyra Banks
09. 50 Cent
08. Melyssa Ford
07. Nelly
06. Halle Berry
05. Terrell Owens
04. Jennifer Lopez
03. Tyson Beckford
02. Beyonce
01. LL Cool J

I already know you guys will like to toss your two cents in the mix. Do you think the list was on point or do they need to adjust it a bit?

Jamie Foxx In Essence

Jamie Foxx In Essence

In the August 2006 issue of Essence, Jamie Foxx spills the beans on rumors, his plans for the future, and why he loves black women so much. Here is a snippet from the article where he talks about his daughter.

In his hotel room, Foxx picks up where he left off, quietly ruminating on the fleeting nature of fame, George Bush’s geopolitical maneuverings, and telling me about an actress he used to date (“It was around Oscar time and she said, ‘What about my career?’ “). Finally he touches on a topic that makes him light up. “You see this,” he says bringing me over to his laptop, which has a tiny camera perched on its lid. “My daughter and I video chat like crazy. She’s so cool.” Foxx gushes about 12-year-old Corrine, her dance recitals, her softball games, her size 9-already feet and the way she’ll interrupt a get-together he’s throwing for, say, Will Smith, to ask how long he’s going to be, because enough already. That, he says, “feels real good.”

So here’s the real surprise about Jamie Foxx: Behind the party man, the award winner, the jokester, jester and genius is a soul kinder and gentler than most you’ll find in Hollywood. He’s a man whose real joy seems to come from holding his family close.

jamie 2 Jamie Foxx In Essence jamie 1 Jamie Foxx In Essence jamie 3 Jamie Foxx In Essence

Common, Rockmon Dunbar, Dwele, Michael Ealy and Hill Harper are among some of the 50 hot pieces of chocolate. Ah hem, this one is mine ladies. I had to give Darren is walking papers last week. Besides, you know I like to upgrade my men every three-five months. You can check all of the men out over at .

Memo To Bow Wow: STFU!

Memo To Bow Wow: STFU!

bownick Memo To Bow Wow: STFU!Rapper/actor Nick Cannon has launched a subtle war of words with chart rival Bow Wow, claiming the teenager is too harmless to be “a thug”. Cannon is firing off after Bow Wow, real name Shad Anthony Moss, criticised his peer for being too clean-cut – like Will Smith.

Cannon laughs, “If you check Will’s album sales to Bow Wow’s album sales, I’m gonna rap like Will all day long.”

“I’m not gonna talk about how hard I am, even though I grew up in some of the worst situations out there.

“There’s only so long you can rap about how hard you are. You’ve been in the entertainment industry since you were eight years-old, it’s kind of hard to be a thug.” (source)

Hilarious shit I know. These two should settle their differences like real men . . . in a skating rink! Seriously, someone should really give Bow Weezy a nice big, ice cold glass of shut the fuck up immediately. I give Nick his fair share of crap but I still have some respect for the dude. However corny his grind may be at times at least he’s out there on it. If Bow Wow continues this behavior he’s going to find himself on “The Surreal Life” pretty soon.

One Quick Question

One Quick Question About Will Smith @ The “Mission: Impossible III” Premiere

willhead 1 One Quick Question willhead 2 One Quick Question willhead 3 One Quick Question willhead 4 One Quick Question

Is his head supposed to look like that? And there’s something a little fabulostic about that last picture and quite frankly I think I like it.

Run Like Hell

Run Like Hell

willjadasatan Run Like Hell

I’m afraid for Will and Jada’s safety over there across the water. That damn woman who is walking in front of them looks like the evil being from The Passion of the Christ. Jada may go all into rocker mode but I don’t know if she can take that bitch on. Anyway, being on vacation didn’t stop Will from crashing a party:

He never got an invitation and he certainly didn’t R.S.V.P., but that didn’t stop Will Smith from crashing Atir Cohen’s bar mitzvah at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Cohen, 13, was deep into his Torah reading Thursday when he heard shouting and saw girls pushing against the barrier separating men from women at the holy site to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood superstar.”At first I didn’t know who it was,” Cohen said. Smith compensated for the interruption by shaking the bar mitzvah boy’s hand and posing for a picture with him. (MSN)

See more pictures from their trip at D-Listed.