VIDEO: Tameka Raymond Breaks Her Silence Following Son’s Near-Drowning Accident

tameka raymond abc interview VIDEO: Tameka Raymond Breaks Her Silence Following Sons Near Drowning Accident

Honestly, I can’t think of an individual currently more deserving of a hug from heaven than Usher‘s ex-wife Tameka Raymond.

While Nicci Gilbert’s ankles clock in at a close second, I can’t begin to imagine what she is going through following their 5-year-old son Usher V‘s recent near-drowning experience.

During her appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ yesterday she explained that getting the horrifying phone call about Usher V sent her mind into instant deja-vu, recalling the July 2012 jet skiing accident that resulted in the death of her 11-year-old son Kile Glover.

“It was like I relived it. Like, my brain just went into all those modes . . . I even said on the phone, ‘I’ve had this call before,’” Tameka said.

A day following the accident, she requested an emergency hearing in hopes of winning temporary custody of Usher V and younger brother Naviyd, but but a judge ruled that Usher will retain primary custody.

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Promo Trail: Usher Talks Spirit Animals, Being The Black Larry David And More On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

usher fallon Promo Trail: Usher Talks Spirit Animals, Being The Black Larry David And More On Jimmy Fallon

Warning: The electric presence of the finest Monchichi to ever two-step out in the streets of Atlanta is enough to short-circuit an entire stage and cause a brief blackout.

Usher made the lights go out at ‘Jimmy Fallon’ go out when he hit up the late night show to chat it up about his new gig as a coach on ‘The Voice’ last night.

”This is very interesting,” Fallon said, as the lights went pitch black just as he was introducing the singer. ”No, this is good, you guys. This is the way he wants it to be lit.”

The man who gave the world Justin Bieber also discussed his unique sense of humor with the host. “I want to prepare you because you guys are gonna get used to a different person. My humor doesn’t always connect. I kinda branded myself,” he explained. “I’m the new Larry David. I’m the black Larry David. I’m kinda misunderstood. I curb your enthusiasm.”

Watch the interview below.

Usher Attends ‘The Voice’ Season 4 Premiere 

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Skeet Or Delete: Usher – “Numb”

Don’t you ever think about touching Usher in the morning and then just walking way.

The multi-platinum singer puts on his interpretive dancing shoes to drop his bussy low inside an interactive museum exhibit in the visuals for “Numb”, his latest cunty self-exploratory music video detailing moments in his darkest despair.

Check please.

Watch This: Usher Opens Up On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’

usher dad1 Watch This: Usher Opens Up On Oprahs Next Chapter

There are three side to the story of high-profiled Hollywood marriages that end in the offices of divorce lawyers and later taken to trial in the court of public opinion: his side, her side, and the truth.

Usher got his opportunity to recall the highs and lows of his relationship with ex-wife Tameka Raymond, the lost of his stepson Kile Glover following a tragic accident, and more on a new in-depth episode of ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter.’

“We don’t see eye-to-eye. The friend that I was to Tameka, I don’t know that I could ever be again, because I really felt like we were friends,” he told Oprah of his current relationship with Tameka in the wake of their custody battle.”She made us enemies in a way that I could never understood. It wasn’t until I was on the stand, where I cried, when I realized, ‘Oh, this is an attack.’ “

When asked if he was unfaithful to Tameka during their marriage, Usher admitted to having an intimate relationship with other women while the couple was “separated”, including one of Tameka’s bridesmaids.

Raymond vs. Raymond

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Usher Resumed His Bitter Custody Battle Against Ex-Wife Tameka Raymond This Week

usher leader Usher Resumed His Bitter Custody Battle Against Ex Wife Tameka Raymond This Week

At the top of the week, celebrity blogger Michelle Brown of Straight From The A was in attendance inside a Fulton County courtroom in Atlanta as Usher continued to wage a bitter legal battle against ex-wife Tameka Raymond for sole custody of their two young children. Closing arguments in the case were heard today. Below is Michelle’s report of the events that took place while court was in session on Monday.

Tameka, who is still recovering from the death of her 11 year old son, Kile, sat quietly throughout Usher’s cross-examination. The R&B superstar talked about his stalker issues and his revealed his intentions of taking the boys with him during his European tour in 2013.

Raymond v. Raymond

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Pharrell: ‘Apollo In The Hamptons’ Benefit Concert

hampton5 Pharrell: Apollo In The Hamptons Benefit Concert

Have you warmed up to Pharrell‘s honey blonde locks yet?

Billionaire Revlon chairman Ron Perelman took a quick peek under the hit maker’s hat over the weekend at the uber-exclusive high priced fundraiser for the Apollo Theater in the Hamptons on Saturday night. All questions concerning if Pharrell’s drapes match his carpet should be forwarded along to rumored wife-to-be Helen Lasichanh.

Celebrities, moguls and socialites flocked to Perelman‘s sprawling 57-acre East Hamptons estate, “The Creeks,” for the third annual concert benefiting youth education and mentoring programs. Check out more flicks of Pharrell, who served as creative director for the event,  after the jump.

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