Promo Trail: Tyler Perry Stops By ‘Chelsea Lately’

tyler perry2 zps8ad5a6e0 Promo Trail: Tyler Perry Stops By Chelsea Lately

tyler perry chair zps2429d13f Promo Trail: Tyler Perry Stops By Chelsea Lately

And all the Beyonce fans sing, “Let me sit this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass on you.”

This is how you sit when you got that good-good, with your feet turned inward. Number ten in the face, slim in the waist, fat in the ass — do you want a taste?

The And My Pussy Sits Up Real Nice In My Shorts site category is never more appropriate than when discussing my other favorite Atlanta rich bitch, Tyler Perry. The $350 million man hit Good Morning America to promote his new film ‘The Single Moms Club’ this week.

You read the title of that movie right. It’s not just a Facebook community page it’s a lifestyle.

During a stop at Chelsea Lately on Thursday (March 13), Perry told the late night host he wanted her “to invite all the white people to come see the movie.”

Handler happily obliged, looking directly into the camera and responded, “Okay homies, my kinda homies, we all need to go out and support his movie. We’re appealing to white people! It’s called The Single Moms Club.”

Watch their exchange below!

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Yes, You Care: Poprah Locked In Trademark Battle With Tyler Perry

poprah tyler Yes, You Care: Poprah Locked In Trademark Battle With Tyler Perry

Fans of the reality competition ‘I Want Diddy To Be My Slave Master’ surely remember over-the-top-and-under-the-bottom contestant Kim “Poprah” Kearney.

After being booted from the running on both seasons for her unapologetic penchant of being loud and wrong (like everybody else on Facebook), the self-proclaimed hybrid of Diddy and Oprah has managed to keep her face out there, one “oh, okay sis” at a time.

I’m not sure if you can call attending Tami Roman’s nail polish event on ‘Basketball Wives’ this season scoring a cameo but she did appear on an episode of MTV’s True Life. Anything to make it to the popular page on Instagram, I guess.

In her latest update, Poprah is alleging that Tyler Perry attempted to steal her trademark for a faith-based television show she pitched to him back in 2008. Read her claims in a press release below.

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Quick Quotes: Tyler Perry ‘Sensed’ Whitney Houston’s Death Coming

tyler whit  Quick Quotes: Tyler Perry Sensed Whitney Houstons Death Coming

In the below clip from Tyler Perry‘s appearance on ‘Oprah Next Chapter,’ he explains how he tried to help Whitney Houston through her struggle with addiction due largely in part to an ominous feeling about her fate.

“I felt a huge responsibility for her, for Whitney, herself. From the first day we sat down in that restaurant and had a conversation where she was so open with me, I felt a responsibility to do all I could to help her . . . I sensed, like most people who deal with people who have addiction issues, they sense that there is a ‘death day’ coming.”

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Photos: Man Claiming To Be A Former Friend Of Tyler Perry Says He Was Mysteriously Attacked After Negative YouTube Rant About Perry

tyler perry Photos: Man Claiming To Be A Former Friend Of Tyler Perry Says He Was Mysteriously Attacked After Negative YouTube Rant About Perry

Saints, prepare to clutch your prayer cloths: A man claiming to be a former acquiantance of Tyler Perry says that he was attacked by a group of men weeks after uploading a 15- minute video rant to YouTube chastising the filmmaker for turning his back — and Pepper LeBeija embellished shoulder pads — on the Black gay community.

This deserves every drop of Angie Stone’s anointed holy water, true or false.

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Looking Like A Bag Of Money: Tyler Perry To Release ‘Single Mom’s Club’

tyler perry alex Looking Like A Bag Of Money: Tyler Perry To Release Single Moms Club

That Madea reign just won’t let up.

The certified boss bitch, Tyler Perry, is reportedly preparing a new movie called ‘Single Mom’s Club,’ a dramedy which Liongate is going to distribute.

‘Single Mom’s Club’ is based on a group of single mothers from different backgrounds who comes together via an incident at their children’s school. This event leads to the creation of a support group that helps all of them overcome their personal obstacles. Perry, like in all of his films, will be at the head of almost everything including writing, directing, producing and starring.

At this time, there is no information on the casting of the film, but more details will be available when production starts next month in Atlanta. Hopefully Kimberly Elise or Thandie Newton will be able to deposit another paycheck into their accounts before the holiday shopping season.

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Watch This: Tyler Perry Is ‘Alex Cross’

tyler1 Watch This: Tyler Perry Is Alex Cross

Until the screenplay for ‘Madea: The Dementia Years’ is drafted, fans of Tyler Perry are learning to become familiar with the actor-director-mogul taking on more serious roles. It’s not polite to point and laugh.

In his upcoming film role, Perry butches it up a notch by losing his silver fox lace front and sporting the mens warehouse suit of Cheryl Miller detective Alex Cross, which was previously played by Morgan Freeman.

‘Alex Cross’ opens Friday, October 19th and features a cast including Giancarlo Esposito, Matthew Fox, Ed Burns and Black Twitter’s favorite greasy greasy granny Cicely Tyson.

Perry, who graces the November 2012 issue of Essence magazine, beat out Idris Elba among others for the role in the coming eponymous film.

In his cover story, Perry elaborates on his upcoming film role, praises Black Women and takes a serious tone when discussing the late Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

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