On The Black Carpet At Roc Nation’s Pre-Grammy Brunch [PHOTOS]

roc1 On The Black Carpet At Roc Nations Pre Grammy Brunch [PHOTOS]

The Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch was full of interesting fashion selections. Weigh in on the best and worst looks from the black carpet in the comments below.

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Back & Fourth: Tristan’s Red Bowtie

tristan1 Back & Fourth: Tristans Red Bowtie

Fresh: He looks like an extra from the “Roses” video. What is he trying to prove here?

Justin: I guess he’s trying bridge the world of hip-hop attire and evening wear fashions. I know Chris Brown’s blue bow tie is throwing all types of shade right now.

Fresh: I just want to know the thought process that goes on behind selecting an outfit like this.

Justin: Well its simple. Glowstick club mimicking + boldness + attention seeking – common sense = Tristan’s outfit.

Quick Flicks: Tristan Wilds Arrives At The CW’s TCA party

tristan cw Quick Flicks: Tristan Wilds Arrives At The CWs TCA party

Tristan Wilds, one of the last of the negro chil’ren standing at the CW, got all dressed up in love [his Air Yeezy and Dee & Ricky heart brooch, for you wondering jealous queens] and hit the red carpet at the CW’s TCA party on Monday. I always believed deep down in my heart that if he wanted to he could do the around same amount of damage as the freshwater beaver from Tappahannock,Virginia, with his chompers but until he proves otherwise I will give him a pass.

More pics of Tristan rocking the same haircut as my Daddy after the jump!

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