106 & Park Celebrates Trina’s 14 Year Reign As The Baddest Bitch

trina 106 zpsef19249c 106 & Park Celebrates Trinas 14 Year Reign As The Baddest Bitch

The often nutted inside but never wifed Patron Saint of Paid Hoes, Katrina Laverne, was honored by 106 & Park last week in celebration of the 14 year anniversary of her holy grail of sideline hoes debut album, ‘Da Baddest Bitch’.

To the shady yet accurate individual on social media who made the observation that she looked like an elegant croissant for her appearance, we speak your name.

The former Miami Northwestern Senior High School majorette captain showed off her baton twirling skills before sharing that she has plans to release her own signature fragrance later this year. That’s right folks, soon you too will be able to finesse the bank accounts of married men by scent alone.

Later in the show she took to the stage for perform a medley of hits including “One Minute Man,” “Pull Over,”"Single Again,” and “B R Right”.

Receive your daily blessings after the jump.

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15 Minutes With Da Baddest Bitch: Nardwuar vs. Trina

trina nard 15 Minutes With Da Baddest Bitch: Nardwuar vs. Trina

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Applying Trina‘s hood rat hymns to my daily life has kept my rent paid and car on more than half a tank of gas at all times. Get it how you live folks. So watching her talk about her days as an employee at an AT&T call center is more touching than any ‘Oprah: Next Chapter’ interview I have seen thus far.

Watch the Patron Saint of Paid Hoes chat it up with Nardwuar about working with thug poet Trick Daddy, having sex and eating jumbo shrimp inside.

UPDATE: Trina was hospitalized for dehydration after passing out at a Florida airport this morning. Later in the day, she shared a photo from her hospital bed showing an IV inserted in her arm with the caption “Thanks for your concern and prayers! I’m ok, just ready to leave this place I hate needles.”

See, I’m not going to even take the “get plenty of fluids” bait. I’m genuine as hell with my well wishes. Feel better!

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Go Behind The Scenes At ‘Tiny Tonight’ + Watch Clips From The Show

tiny tonight Go Behind The Scenes At Tiny Tonight + Watch Clips From The ShowSend your baby daddy straight to voicemail and turn the porch light off, ‘Tiny Tonight’ is back for another season.

Queen Tameka and her faithful servants — Shekinah Jo, Claudia Jordan, Trina and  newbie panelist Tami Roman — are back for another round of girl talk loaded with plenty of heated hoodrat debates celebrity gossip, reality television chatter, insider perspective on the latest innovations in hoe shit and more.

Click through the gallery to check out all the backstage action and watch clips from the show inside!

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Quick Quotes: Trina, Jamie Foxx And Kendrick Lamar

quotes final Quick Quotes: Trina, Jamie Foxx And Kendrick Lamar

Trina talks her tribute to Nicki Minaj, dealing with the murder of her younger brother and more with KarenCivil.com

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Trina’s Tribute To Nicki Minaj At The 2013 R&B/Hip-Hop BMI Awards Did Not Include An Ice Cold Malta — That’s The First Mistake

trina bmi Trinas Tribute To Nicki Minaj At The 2013 R&B/Hip Hop BMI Awards Did Not Include An Ice Cold Malta    Thats The First Mistake

Trina‘s tribute to Nicki Minaj at the 2013 R&B/Hip-Hop BMI Awards last night was delayed and has yet to post in the system.

Respectfully speaking, I don’t know what video footage you all are watching. I have yet to clock the Patron Saint of Paid Hoes crack open nann bottle of Malta and pour the contents over ice, and I’ve watched the below clip four times.

But whatever. People are justifying it is a tribute so I guess I will just go along with the popular vote. Just acknowledge that I know better and let’s move on.

Now, back to this Foxy Brown video.

Watch Trina perform “Moment 4 Life” after the jump. 

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12 Trina Lyrics You Might Find On Your Hoodrat Cousin’s Facebook Wall

french1 12 Trina Lyrics You Might Find On Your Hoodrat Cousins Facebook Wall

The Patron Saint of Paid Hoes is reloaded.

While I personally reject the idea of allowing French Montana to assist me in any task that does not focus primarily on organizing my collection of satin hair scarves from the beauty supply store (damn that boy good), Trina recruited the Bronx rapper to serve as executive producer of her latest mixtape, ‘Back To Business.’

“We went into the studio, just vibing and listening to the records,” she explained to All Hip Hop. “He [French] asked me if I was working on my album, and I said ‘of course’ and it was just like instant chemistry. He played me a bunch of tracks and unreleased music and I liked the sound and the direction. He was like let’s work together let’s make it happen and he made it happen.”

Girl, I guess. Here are 12 lyrics from the Diamonique Princess that belong in both the National Archives and on your hoodrat cousin’s Facebook wall.

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