Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Chris Brown Twitter Tirade As ‘Verbal Rape’

hessell1 Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Chris Brown Twitter Tirade As Verbal Rape

Sadly, plans for an all-you-can-eat community feast consisting of free-range hens, green bean casserole and Pillsbury crescent rolls held in honor of Chris Brown this Christmas have been nixed.

At the top of the week, the women of ‘The View’ weighed in on Breezy’s war of words against television producer Jenny Johnson, including co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck likening his tweets to  ”verbal rape.”


“I think it’s disgusting, first of all,” Hasselbeck said in response to Brown’s comments. ”But also, it seems like verbal rape to me. And I think at some point there’s gotta be a point where Twitter should ban anyone who writes anything forever on there and you should identify yourself.”

Sherri Shepherd (who mistakenly called Jenny Johnson “Jenny Jones” — chug!) sounded off on the situation saying that although his comments were extreme he had been provoked. ”I’m not saying Chris Brown was right, he was wrong” she began. “But I also say to this grown woman, when you tweet out you’re a piece of bleep, what do you expect to get back?”

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