Watch NeNe Leakes Perform A Tribal Thot Dance To “Grown Woman” On ‘DWTS’

gif a day nene zps81aa1249 Watch NeNe Leakes Perform A Tribal Thot Dance To Grown Woman On DWTS

The ancient spirits occupying Gucci Mane’s trap house catacombs in East Atlanta have been restless since he pushed a woman out of his moving Hummer in 2011.

With shoulders strong enough to lighten this burden (and carry several bales of cotton), NeNe Leakes soothed their souls by performing a tribal thot dance to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” for Week 4 on ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

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Throw That Pussy Back Thursdays: Kandi And Fantasia Pop It For Pimp

Every morning Fantasia hums the melody to “Project Bitch” while sniff testing the panties in her dirty clothes basket before beginning her daily life mission of being every dope boy’s dream girl. Until you can find a man who can give you dick on the regular and a discount on your T-Mobile bill, I need you not to judge the queen, thanks.

This week’s Throwback Thursday selection highlights her friendship with ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kandi Burruss. As you have probably already assumed, the two friends know how to have a good time.

When reports began circulating that Tasia Mae got loose on the devil’s juice at Kandi’s wedding and called Kandi “the realest bitch” and “my motherfucking friend” during her colorful toast at the reception, I gave myself on of those Mo’Nique hugs and smiled to the powers above.

A rep for Kandi commented on the situation saying that she laughed her big ass off at Fantasia’s speech and the two had a blast at the wedding.

Irrelevancy, Table For One: Kenya Moore Accused of Faking Dog’s Death

kenya crying velvet zpsbe8c0496 Irrelevancy, Table For One: Kenya Moore Accused of Faking Dogs Death

Between finding her African prince boyfriend via the spam folder of her Hotmail account to pretending she actually has a Wikipedia page that she didn’t edit herself, it’s not hard at all shocking to hear that Kenya Moore is being accused of faking the death of her pet dog for ratings.

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Check Out Kandi Burruss’ $20,000 Wedding Gown

tweet kandi1 zpsa46e2a45 Check Out Kandi Burruss’ $20,000 Wedding Gown

No mercy for your faves. Reality fans won’t have to wait until Kandi Burruss‘ spin-off show later this year to catch a glimpse of her wedding gown. The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and her new hubby Todd Tucker have shared photos from their April 4 nuptials with In Touch.

“The whole thing was like a fairy tale!’ Burruss tells the magazine of the ceremony, which took in front of 300 guests inside Atlanta’s Le Fais Do-Do event facility.

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Back & Forth: So, Kordell Stewart And Big Tigger Went On A Date Last Week

kordell tigger1 zps70bbe551 Back & Forth: So, Kordell Stewart And Big Tigger Went On A Date Last Week

Christian: When the light skin friend in the red shirt asked if anyone had an extra pad, who offered her one first? Big Tigger or Kordell?

Fresh: Now probably wouldn’t be the best time to bring up the time that Superhead wrote about Big Tigger having blood on his sheets and a booty hole shaped like an open Red Bull tab. Would it?

Christian: I don’t see why not. Especially seeing how Miss Kordell has been asking the driver to please roll up the partition for years so that they won’t see him slurping baby batter while on his knees.

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Here We Go Again: RHOA’s Mama Joyce Claims Todd Tried To Avoid Signing Pre-Nup

mama joyce pissed zps23fa429b Here We Go Again: RHOAs Mama Joyce Claims Todd Tried To Avoid Signing Pre Nup

Looks like we may have given Trap God the glory too soon. After reportedly playing it cool at the wedding of daughter Kandi Burruss over the weekend, Mama Joyce reached inside her old bags of tricks to throw shade at her brand new son-in-law Todd Tucker.

“I had no reason to bite my tongue,” she told Too Fab contributor Brian Particelli. “I’m not gonna be the one to stop her from jumping into the fire. I tried, I did all that ahead of time. Too late for me to pull out of it then, not gonna make a fool outta myself!”

While admitting that the wedding was “beautiful,” Joyce still didn’t have many positive things to say about Todd. ”Long as she’s happy, that’s the one that has to be happy,” she adds. “Doesn’t make no difference if I’m happy or not, she’s the one that has to live with him. I  did everything I could do. If she’s jumping in the river with sharks, she’s gonna get chewed up.”

Mama Joyce continued: “It’s not about me, whether I’m right or wrong. People show you their best when you’re dating them, so if she’s seeing the best now, the worst is yet to come.”

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