Watch: Kenya Moore Takes A Tumble On Stage, No One Appears The Slightest Bit Concerned

kenya moore tumble zpsd58751ad Watch: Kenya Moore Takes A Tumble On Stage, No One Appears The Slightest Bit Concerned

Porsha Stewart is having a solid month for cackles, no?

At a recent modeling competition, ’Real Housewives of Atlanta’ resident delusional stunt queen Kenya Moore was in the middle of giving an instructional on how to work the catwalk when she took an ugly misstep, crashing down to the runway in the process.

To her credit, House Mother Kordell would be impressed with her hair slangin’ bounce back. End scene!

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Question of The Day: How Should Kordell Stewart Raise Funds To Pay Off His Tax Debt?

kordell stewart zps6ad068b6 Question of The Day: How Should Kordell Stewart Raise Funds To Pay Off His Tax Debt?

I usually keep a Trina lyric referencing the financial security that selling pussy provides tucked away in my knock-off designer handbag to motivate other bad bitches but I’m fresh out today. That sucks because Kordell Stewart could use a few words of encouragement right now.

According to reports, the former NFL star who now spends the quiet years of his retirement canvasing the men’s bathroom at Bulldog’s in Atlanta for new players to lay on top of inside the huddle has to pay the state of Georgia $13,240.88 after interest, penalties and other fees for failing to pay taxes in 2012.

As you probably already know, the government is the pettiest, messiest bitch you’ll ever meet in these streets.

It has placed a levy on all of his assets and property, which it will seize and sell if he doesn’t fork over the moola in a timely manner to collect the money they’re owed.

It would rip my heart to shreds to see my sorority sister’s assortment of Bedroom Kandi dildos and Herve Leger bandage dress collection up on the auction block.

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Stray Shots: Tyler Perry Wins Trademark Battle For ‘What Would Jesus Do’

tyler perry zps247936aa Stray Shots: Tyler Perry Wins Trademark Battle For What Would Jesus Do

- Let us pray: What Would Jesus Do is now property of Tyler Perry. Now, raise your hand if you mentally stretched out his last name like Hurricane Chris expressing his fondness Halle Berry.

The United State Patent and Trademark Office sided with the media mogul in the trademark battle for the popular phrase last week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He won the battle over ‘I Want to Work for Diddy’ flop (listen, we all fall short of the glory of God) Kimberly “Poprah” Kearney, who registered the trademark in 2008, several months before Perry did. Perry registered the phrase in the category of “entertainment services,” with the idea of producing “live concerts, a TV program and motion pictures” in relation to the trademark.

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Your Daily Tang Multivitamin: Derek J And Miss Lawrence Slay The Scene

slay tang zpsec1e7409 Your Daily Tang Multivitamin: Derek J And Miss Lawrence Slay The Scene

The true ‘Fashion Queens’ of Atlanta have arrived! Derek J and Miss Lawrence gave a 2-for-1 lesson on how to properly shut down a red carpet with ease while gracing the 2014 Vision Awards in New York City with their presence last week.

When God created us all in his image, he made sure to spend a few extra minutes on these two to ensure that all zestlemen and women would sing Trina’s lyrics “my pussy sits up real nice in my shorts” with their voices dripping with pride and conviction. Won’t he do it?

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Porsha Stewart Responds To Miss Lawrence’s Read (Audio)

porsha miss lawrence zps4e05a71b Porsha Stewart Responds To Miss Lawrences Read (Audio)

Jesus, hold my mule pumps.

In case you missed it, earlier this month ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and ‘Fashion Queens’ zestlemen Miss Lawrence Washington read Porsha Stewart a sermon from the mountain top over a video featuring the youngest housewife (then evangelist) preaching about saving gays and lesbians.

“Ratchet beyond ratchet,” said Miss Lawrence during his trip to the Russ Parr Morning Show. “Tacky. She’s ratchet. She can’t take it. Wish she could, but never will.”

He continued: “Those are her beliefs granted, she is entitled to her beliefs. But if you want to hold true to your beliefs, don’t come over to the LGBT community or gay girls and want us to help you with your hair or want to use your gay slang or want to carry us like your purse. You stay over there and you stick to your beliefs.”

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Apollo Nida Sounds Off On T.I., Reveals Mother-In-Law Helps Keep Marriage Together (VIDEO)

apollo nida zpse4f3497f Apollo Nida Sounds Off On T.I., Reveals Mother In Law Helps Keep Marriage Together (VIDEO)

This week, ‘RHOA’ househusband Apollo Nida took a break from spamming the comments section of Blac Chyna’s Instagram account with invitations to join is Wake Up Now team to make a visit over to Atlanta radio station V-103 to chat it up about his recent parking lot run in with T.I., what wife Phaedra Parks should do while he’s incarcerated, and how his legal woes have impacted his home life.

Excerpts from his interview below!

On His Encounter With T.I. Going Viral“First of all, I know Tip. I thought he was coming up being a man, being supportive because he’s been through that same situation. That’s what I thought. He was hostile, so I jumped back a little bit and put my phone in my pocket, because if this thing is about to go down then let me get ready . . .  At the end of the day, I shouldn’t have put nobody’s name in it. That’s my fault. So in some light, I brought this on myself. But Tip knows how to get in contact with me. If this was an issue, you just don’t make it an issue right there in public and try to sit there and try to make it a ploy just to boost whatever you got going on at the time . . . I’m a real humble person at the end of the day. I can’t tolerate disrespect. I really played that situation real humble. I was humiliated by it. I didn’t even know the cameras were rolling. That is not how men handle the situation.”

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