On Set With Solange

solange on set.thumbnail On Set With Solange

John Gotty from The Smoking Section was kind enough to pass these pictures from the video set of Solange’s new video along to moi to share with Crunkland. Be a good neighbor and click that link, eh?

This video is going to be a découpage of glowsticks and all types of different, “cutting edge” shit. I can just feel it in my soul. Pictures of Beyonce, Pound Puppy a/k/a  Teyana Taylor, and Cee-Lo under the cut.

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You Better Work Fish!

mama2 181x300 You Better Work Fish! mama1 204x300 You Better Work Fish! tt1 199x300 You Better Work Fish!

I don’t know how I managed to miss these flicks of Lil’ Mama working it out on the runway at 80′s Rocks earlier this month but I’m e-fuckin-lated that I came across them tonight. Dr. Bobby Jones himself has never unleashed this much fever in one dosage and that speaks volumes!

And don’t get me started on Pound Puppy rocking that fly ass doobie! Today is going to be a good day. How could it possibly go wrong after this?

. . . Okay?

Men and women talk trash all the time when it comes to playing video games, so I don’t see what’s so special about The Game and Bow Wow going back and fourth with each other. Send me an email when the slap boxing match between Da Brat and Teyana Taylor goes down. Until then . . .

‘Making The Band 4′ Season 829 Premiere Party

boom1 Making The Band 4 Season 829 Premiere Party

Although the event was suppose to be a party for the Danity Kane and Day 26 children, choreographer Lauri Ann Gibson was the center of attention. You know you can’t get enough of Boom Kat’s delusional ass. I think we all know someone who we think are okay as a person but still try to avoid like the fucking plague.

Pound Puppy a/k/a Teyana Taylor, Slim Thug, DJ Clue, Jon B and others also hit up the party. Check out more flicks from the night inside the photo gallery.

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You Better Work, Pound Puppy!

td 1 You Better Work, Pound Puppy! td 3 You Better Work, Pound Puppy! td 2 You Better Work, Pound Puppy!

Teyana Taylor served it up for the children at the runway show for Diesel’s 2009 collection. Someone just please help me understand the significance of the football shoulder pads and I will keep all other comments to myself.

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Vagina Power

mama1 Vagina Power

That damn Lil’ Mama. She can’t stop because she won’t stop.

Industry heads linked up at the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network [WEEN] “Don’t Judge Me.EmPower Me” tour kick-off at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday in New York City. WEEN is spearheaded by stars and executives from the entertainment industry and advocates for the balanced, positive portrayal of women in entertainment and in society.With that being said please do not ask why Melyssa Ford was decided to show up.

me1.thumbnail Vagina Power me2.thumbnail Vagina Power me4.thumbnail Vagina Power me6.thumbnail Vagina Power me7.thumbnail Vagina Power me8.thumbnail Vagina Power