Casket Toss

56788105kdanick219200983035pm.thumbnail Casket Toss 56774143kdanick219200983132pm.thumbnail Casket Toss

Ladies and zestlemen of the jury I would like to present two habitual offenders to you this evening. Teyana Taylor snatched up one of the hats that Andre 3000 passed on during the filming of the Trans DF Express video and paired it with a gown / pants number for her pal Richie Rich’s over-the-top fashion show. Meanwhile, Estelle was decked out like a member of LaBelle at Wednesday’s night Brit Awards. Who looked more dressed for a closed casket funeral?

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Style Jury: Teyana Taylor

567504552162009124912pm.thumbnail Style Jury: Teyana Taylor 567504842162009124925pm1.thumbnail Style Jury: Teyana Taylor


Oh, bother.

If you see a group of junior glowstick carriers at the club this weekend rocking studded denim jackets with patches of rock n’ roll bands they never listen to you know who to blame. I want to like Pound Puppy but there is always something that keeps me from signing off on her ass. I doubt that she would give a shit about my  opinion just as long as someone walked up to her and said “Girl, you so different!” at the end of the day. What’s your verdict?

Style Jury: Teyana Taylor

84666553.thumbnail Style Jury: Teyana Taylor 84667364.thumbnail Style Jury: Teyana Taylor 84666580.thumbnail Style Jury: Teyana Taylor


Pound Puppy ditched her boxers with dick holes tomboy duds in exchange for a more titillating look on the red carpet of the V Magazine x MAC Cosmetics x Hello Kitty party on Thursday night. What’s your verdict?

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I’m Just Saying . ..

51499711112200932739pm.thumbnail Im Just Saying . .. ke1.thumbnail Im Just Saying . ..

Have you made your spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land yet? Thanks to a post by Chevy, it all make sense to me now. Kimberly Elise almost pulled a fast one over on us by giving Teyana Taylor up for adoption!

But I digress.

Pound Puppy finally got around to reading the ‘If All Else Fails Change The Color of Your Yaki, That Will Really Make Shit Happen’  chapter in the R&B Female Sanga Guide.

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All The Single Pound Puppies

I know I said I wouldn’t post any more videos of random zestlemen performing “Single Ladies” but I think I can make an exception for Teyana Taylor. Work it out Pound Puppy! See, if Cheri Dennis would have done this shit she would be as big as Kizzy Rowland in the UK but nooooo . . .