Quick Flicks: Teyana Taylor Around Fashion Week

teyana1 Quick Flicks: Teyana Taylor Around Fashion Week

Pound Puppy sniffed out the opportunity to have her picture taken by someone other than one of her Milkbone watchers and made her move down to Bryant Park quicker than you can ask “when is the album dropping again?” That top lip is looking peach fuzz free, girl!

teyana Quick Flicks: Teyana Taylor Around Fashion Week

Quick Flicks: Soulja Boy + 50 Cent Hit The Stage

sbani Quick Flicks: Soulja Boy + 50 Cent Hit The Stage

Serving up a hot plate of what the fuck, Soulja Girl and 50 Cent [and his marvelous teeth] performed for the kids at the Honda Center in Anaheim this past weekend.

Attending the concert was of course The Barbadian, Pound Puppy [she sniffed the photographers out], and Pleasure P. What’s making my heart heavy is the yellow jumpsuit that 50 is wearing. Was he cleaning up clippings of Kim’s toxic wig or handling the residue from Tom Cruises’ dildo? Its never a good idea to mix work and play.

Concerts: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em And 50 Cent Perform At The Honda Center

Day Late, Dollar Short

teyana mob Day Late, Dollar Short

Photoshop is a beast! I thought canines walking in heels only happened in dreams and other places of imagination. Our favorite pitbull in a skirt [literally, sorry Eve] is modeling for up-and-coming fashion line Married to the Mob. Snapped in various positions, she is giving us FACE, BODY, and HAIR!

We all know that our furry friends aim to please. That’s how I know she’s destined for greatness.

Aww, There There Pound Puppy

I wholeheartedly agree that tears have therapeutic properties. I cleanse my soul each time the commercial for The Frankie & Neffe Show is aired. But using crying as a way to make their whoring for propaganda more effective?


Earlier this week Pound Puppy was recorded j-setting and shit with members of the Goof Troupe [© Kyle Washington], so the above video caught me a little off guard. Man that shit up, Bruh! I’m so sick and filthy [creole speak] of tweetbrities, really I am. However, if Norwood Young is on that joint please leave his user name in the comments for me.

Style File: Kyle x Kanye Denim Bonjour Jacket [Episode 5]

teyana.thumbnail Style File: Kyle x Kanye Denim Bonjour Jacket [Episode 5]

Teyana Taylor gave the special puppy power salute in her ripped denim Kyle x Kanye Denim Bonjour Jacket at the birthday party for Dawn Baxter in New York City last night. Get you a piece, whore!

This is one of my favorite numbers by far. I live for the fever potential that this one has. I think we all agree that Kyle would wear the hell out of this! Pair this with one of Milan’s scarves and House of Dereon taffeta tights [with the pussy cut out, oww!] and tah-dah! You wouldn’t be able to tell him that he did not shoot through the penis of Mathew Knowles and land in a creole wasteland womb head first.