Pristine Pound Puppy: Teyana Taylor At ‘Cruel Summer’ Premiere

Image217 Pristine Pound Puppy: Teyana Taylor At Cruel Summer Premiere

Teyana Taylor joined the rest of her G.O.O.D Music family on the red carpet at the premiere of House Mother Kanye‘s latest cinematic gem, Cruel Summer, at Casino Palm Beach in Cannes on Wednesday (May 23). Later, the self described spoiled brat of the crew doused champagne on party-goers after performing tracks of her mixtape ‘The Miseducation of Teyana Taylor’ at the after-party inside the Gotha Club for the film.

HMK’s protege Kid Cudi stars in the 30-minute film as a high-end sports car thief who falls deeply in love with a blind Arabic princess, but her father won’t allow the pair to wed unless he can help her regain her vision.

In the time honored tradition of grand scale stunts and shows the film was presented across seven 20ft square screens — five screens across, one on the bottom and one floating above.

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Style File: Teyana Taylor

tt1 Style File: Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor was crowned the belle of the brawl back in March after scrapping with a stripper named Skrawberry at Queen Latifah’s birthday celebration at Club LIV in Miami. The fight came just weeks after camera phone flicks featuring the “Google Me” singer displaying her kibbles and bits flooded Twitter timelines, leaving many guessing on whether her account had been hacked or if it was a lazy orchestrated ploy for attention.

Stunts and shows are a cute way to make a blog headline or two but best believe House Mother Kanye will accept nothing but top shelf propaganda now that the 21-year-old Harlem native is apart of his G.O.O.D Music imprint.

“I had been actually working with the whole G.O.O.D. Music family for quite a while,” she explained to MTV. “Around the time we did the ‘Dark Fantasy’ song, I was still in my contract with Star Trak/Interscope Records, and I asked for release because I wanted to find myself as an artist. I had options to go to different labels, but I felt like G.O.O.D. Music was where I wanted to be, where I fit in.”

And in order to fit in Pound Puppy better bring her fashion A-game to every ballroom pageant! Check out flicks of her style evolution through the years below.

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Freeze Frame: Pound Puppy Shade

teyana Freeze Frame: Pound Puppy Shade

It’s hard to tell if the zestlemen in the background is angry at himself for wearing that hideous hoodie out in public or throwing Milkbone shade at Teyana but I would like to imagine that its the latter.

Quick Quotes: Teyana Taylor

goof1 Quick Quotes: Teyana Taylor

Like most canines, Pound Puppy is a loyal companion. Applaud that pooch.

“A lot of people were jumping on different bandwagons and I really felt like that was wack. Before the incident between him and Rihanna, Chris had always been my brother. When we met we clicked instantly from our fashion styles to our love of basketball to dancing to everything. I’ve known him for four years and I was one of the only people that stood by his side when the situation happened . . . When he gets back to where he used to be, a lot of people are going to come running back and smiling in his face. He knows who really are his friends. I think stuff like this happens to really show you who really cares about you.”

- – Teyana Taylor on supporting her Animal Kingdom homie

Quick Flicks: Ne-Yo’s 30th Birthday Par-tay!

wendy gogo Quick Flicks: Ne Yos 30th Birthday Par tay!

With a towering tranny on his arm and a smile on his face stretching miles longer than her erect member, Go-Go celebrated his 30th birthday in New York City on Saturday night. Free publicity and yellow cake go hand in hand, I guess. The birthday girl rocked the night away by sweeping the floor with his pussy, drinking champagne, and mouthing the lyrics to “Video Phone” to himself in the mirror of his MAC blotting powder compact. Werk whore!

gogo guest Quick Flicks: Ne Yos 30th Birthday Par tay!

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