Yes, You Care: Watch Sweet Brown’s Hot 97 Interview

tumblr meqhvdveCa1qhm9xuo2 500 Yes, You Care: Watch Sweet Browns Hot 97 Interview

This week, YouTube sensation Sweet Brown hit up Hot 97 to chat it up with Rosenberg and K. Foxx about the things she has time for, which don’t include the return of the McRib or abandoning her 27-piece quick weave hairstyle.

Quite the girl about town (because I don’t want to use the phrase “concrete jungle” for obvious reasons), SB also made a quick appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’

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Looking To Sell Your Trap House? Sweet Brown Is Here To Help.

This isn’t a ‘Chappelle Show’ skit, it’s real life. YouTube sensation Sweet Brown ditched her shake-the-dice-and-steal-the-rice head scarf and all purpose ‘fuck it’ get-up for a corporate America friendly wig and wardrobe to embark upon a new career path — celebrity ambassador for 2 Sell Homes.

As our friends over at the O Hell Naw! blog note, Sweet Brown is after that Sweet Green.