No Hate Today: Solange, Front Row Creole

solange fashion No Hate Today: Solange, Front Row Creole

According to Wikipedia, Solange is a French name taken from Saint Solange, who is a locally-venerated Christian Saint. The saint was the patron of the traditional Province of Berry. Fast forward to modern days and Solange Knowles is fucking royalty.

In France of course.

Here is the wig crypt’s holiness at the BCBG Max Azria show in New York City on Wednesday night. Sporting her shortly cropped cute cut, she posed for pictures with some of the show goers, including that chick that threw shade at her sister earlier this year in a “track that wasn’t supposed to be released.” Looking fresh faced and happy, Solange is set to take the world by storm. If she can just log off of Twitter. Watch out now!

Candids: Solange Hanging Out In Central Park With Rapper Wale

SPL122910 003 Candids: Solange Hanging Out In Central Park With Rapper Wale

SPL122910 008 Candids: Solange Hanging Out In Central Park With Rapper Wale

SPL122910 012 Candids: Solange Hanging Out In Central Park With Rapper Wale

SPL122910 015 Candids: Solange Hanging Out In Central Park With Rapper Wale

Style Detail: Solange

solange detail Style Detail: Solange

A little back-to-back dirty rice sauciness never hurt nobody. I am still stuck on Solange and I sharing similar taste in hoe couture. I always joke around about being having the proud blood of Agnes Dereon pumping through my veins but this may just be the validation I need to have my creole credentials sent to me. I knew I loved that chicken from Popeye’s more than the average for a reason. God is in the building.


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It Was All Good Until . . .

solo daniel It Was All Good Until . . .

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not posting these pictures just to gasp, stare, point, and analyze  Solange’s hair a day late. Frankie’s knee cap wigs supplies me with all the life I need just fine, thanks! I’m more interested in talking about the micro creole delicatessen. It seems like our little homie went from zero to sixty rather quickly.

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Quick Flicks: Baby Daniel + Them

baby d Quick Flicks: Baby Daniel + Them

Sing with me in your best auto-tune: Crunk Juice bombs, Oakley shades, shawty got class, oh behave! Baby Daniel [think of him as the Peter Pan of Crunkland, he will never age as long as I'm running this shit] did his Tee Tee and Granny the ultimate favor and let them tag along with him during a recent shopping trip in Beverly Hills. He even sported a blatant lie on his t-shirt while ducking the feds paparazzi. Solange, you’re doing a damn fine job with this youngster.

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Quick Quotes

57847505kdanick79200924809PM Quick Quotes

Que breaks down his various tattoos dedicated to Dawn. Girl, I guess. Via The House of Bitchie:

I figured I would get DAWN’s lips because she will be mine forever and I’m hers forever, so why not. It’s the best example of how honest I am in my relationship and about our love. Her lips and her name is an example to others that it’s ok to LOVE YOUR GIRL. It’s an example on how to be HONEST. I actually got her name when we started getting serious , so I had that way before the lips on my neck. I’m sure there will be more tattoos to come.

If you want to be a better person you have to “ be honest with yourself and it ‘s ok to be in love and be proud to love your girl”. You don’t have to cheat because people tell you it’s not cool to be with one person. If you’re happy, do you. When you love yourself others will see that in you and do the same. They have no choice but to respect it.

It’s okay to love your girl but let’s not end up looking all foolish like Nasir Jones. Check out shots from Dawn’s photoshoot with Honey Magazine under the cut.

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