Style File: Solange

solange lunch Style File: Solange

Your favorite Basement Baby (copyright MK) ditched her afro lace front in exchange for other hipster friendly fashions for her lunch date with a friend  at The Grove in sunny Los Angeles on Friday. Check out a quick look back at the good, the bad, and the fugly of Solange’s ever evolving style below. Girl, you always been so different.

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Back & Fourth: Solange’s Hipster Only Party

hip4 Back & Fourth: Solanges Hipster Only Party

Justin: Hipster kids always look like they smell of 3 day old organic salad and Budweiser.

Fresh: And all-natural deodorant that does everything but block the funk. You sure this isn’t an ad campaign for American Apparel?

Justin: Or Urban Outfitters?

Fresh: Maybe we just don’t understand the concept of  freedom and artistic expression. And I for one am alright with that.

Justin: I totally agree.

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Quick Flicks: Solange & Juelz’s Table For Two

solo table julez Quick Flicks: Solange & Juelzs Table For Two

Time away from the wig crypt is precious.

She Who Lives In The Basement and the sole heir to the yaki empire caught a quick bite to eat under the watchful eye of the ‘razzi at the Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 7). If you turn into a pillar of salt after scanning the pictures in this post don’t blame us. The evil eye of Agnes lives!

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Candids: Solange Poolside In Miami

Solange: DJ Hero

solo more Solange: DJ Hero

Via NBC Miami:

Solange Knowles the DJ?

If your big sister is the music biz’s resident diva and her hubby the reigning king, there’s nothing stopping you from heading to a downtown Miami hot spot and taking over the DJ booth.

And that’s exactly what the songstress and budding actress did into the wee hours Friday morning at Mia Lounge, where she showed up to host Headliner Thursdays.

“I’m really having a blast,” Knowles told Niteside.

Past hosts of the event — which attracts Miami socialites — include Monica, Toccara and Mya, but this diva’s impromptu performance left promoters stunned and the crowd chanting for more. After dancing for several hours, all the while sipping champagne, Knowles admitted to catching the “DJ bug” and headed for the stairs with us in hot pursuit.

Once inside the booth, Knowles affirmed to DJ Stevie J that “I got this” and proceeded to hit the turntables. Continue reading

Events: Solange Hosts MIA Biscayne