Solange Makes A Fashionable Outing, Christmas Comes Early For Son Juelz

solange style Solange Makes A Fashionable Outing, Christmas Comes Early For Son Juelz

Serving tribal tease Solange stepped out Monday (April 16) at the 2012 Tribeca Ball at the New York Academy of Art on. How would you rate her look? Watch the heir to the yaki dynasty, 7-year-old Juelz, get loaded down with LeBron James memorabilia post Heat victory below.

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Erykah Badu, Solange And Others Party With Hennessy

erykah badu1 Erykah Badu, Solange And Others Party With Hennessy

Erykah Badu turned the other cheek while posing for photographs at the Hennessy White Rabbit launch inside the Highline Stages on Thursday night (April 5) in New York City.

Before taking the stage to close out the evening with a jamming set of her own, Lowdown Loretta Brown introduced Timbaland who later reunited with friend and frequent collaborator Missy Elliott. Watch the creative duo debut a brand spankin’ new song and check out more flicks from the below.

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Cover To Cover: Solange Featured In Complex Magazine

solange1 1 Cover To Cover: Solange Featured In Complex MagazineSolange took a break from previewing her hipster-friendly infinite playlist for niece Blue Ivy’s approval (it’s going to be a hot summer) for a game of “Would You Rather” with Complex magazine. I need photos of Studio 54 Memaw Muffaletta on my Tumblr dashboard ASAP!

I’d rather be submissive than dominant. Strong, independent women share this sentiment of wanting to be taken over sexually behind closed doors. It’s the natural balance for a woman like me.

I’d rather be the cool aunt than the authoritative aunt. The closer my sister came to motherhood, the more stern she was with my son, Julez, but when he was between the ages of 1 and 4, she put the s in spoiling. I had to deal with the cool aunt for seven years, and I’m ready for payback! Late nights, candy binges—I’m doing it all!

I’d rather have known my parents when they were younger than only know them as my parents. My mother was the most stylish, flawless woman I’ve ever seen. My father had a little cool, but my mother was a different breed of cool. I’ve looked through photographs of her that inspire me today. She’s partied at Studio 54, hung out in ski chalets in Colorado, and played Cleopatra in a play in Egypt. She’s insanely cool in her 50s, but I wouldn’t pass up being with her in her prime!

Mama Fresh went to a Chaka Khan concert back in the day. I’ll take my cool points in large denominations, please.

Style File: Solange Gets Ready For Spring With Time Out New York

solange 0 Style File: Solange Gets Ready For Spring With Time Out New YorkThe hills are alive with the sound of infant creole cries. Solange springs into action for the photo spread that accompanies her Time Out New York cover story.

She lists Opening Ceremony as her favorite Empire State place to shop at but doesn’t have to leave the comfort of home for her current retail obsession.

PHOTOS: Check out 16 pictures of Solange’s mane moves throughout the years

“I love Net-a-Porter but it’s a gift and a curse,” she said revealing her favorite place to shop online. “It is such an addictive drug, to be able to wake up in the morning, order a pair of shoes, and they are at your door four hours later. I made the biggest mistake of introducing that to my sister, and she’s just been out of control . . . out of control. It’s just out of control.”

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Solange: Instagram Fun In Paradise

solange3 Solange: Instagram Fun In Paradise

Auntie Basement Baby can kick back a little now that the fate of the creole dynasty rest securely in the tiny hands of niece Blue Ivy. That’s no breast milk shade to you, Nixon Knowles. You’re in our thoughts and nightly illuminati chants just the same but you already know.

Solange hopped on the Instagram wave recently (follow her at mydamnstagrams), posting pictures from a recent sunny getaway in Jamaica. Her queen of the pack braids were the perfect hairstyle for vacation. Now dip and fall back.

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Style Jury: Solange

solange style1 Style Jury: Solange

Following the style index for hipster summer Solange (sans “Queen of the Pack” braids) hit the Block Party by Bean Pole event at the Opening Ceremony store in New York City yesterday dressed for the occasion.

Now, be cautious before attempting to try this look at home. This viewer’s choice wig crypt runner style works for her but I’m not so sure how it would go over with the masses. I would hate to see my loved ones on The People of Walmart dusty and defeated.

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