Quick Flicks: Solange Performs The Alphabet Song

87975607.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Solange Performs The Alphabet Song

Solange attempted to sell a two more copies of Soledad And The Martin Luther King Blvd. Dreams by performing at Queen Creole’s tour after-party in London earlier this week. Press on my sista for your work is never done!

Now go mop up that spill.

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Casket Sharp: Your White Cousins At The Costume Institute Gala Edition

86374509.thumbnail Casket Sharp: Your White Cousins At The Costume Institute Gala Edition 16764796kdanick55200983412am.thumbnail Casket Sharp: Your White Cousins At The Costume Institute Gala Edition

As long as it means they are going to end up on a best / worst dressed lists, you can’t tell these hoes nothing. We call it being a whore for propaganda, they call it publicity. Why do you insist on assisting the devil?

This shit right here is why Madonna is having issues adopting little African children. You think you can just roll up to the village and try to put a child on layaway after showing up in public dressed in Solange’s Easter speech outfit? You ain’t Grace Jones, it doesn’t work like that. Take that shit back to the Kabalah Center.  I would have better luck trying to put a Honduran orphan on credit wear a pair of pink jellies and a Platinum Fubu hockey jersey.

I don’t know who the hell Leighton Meister is and I would rather not Google her after this. Good day!

Squint your eyes ever so gently and get you an additional  piece of these god awful get ups after the jump.

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04.17.2009 Quick Flicks

57201216417200914601pm.thumbnail 04.17.2009 Quick Flicks 57201222417200914614pm.thumbnail 04.17.2009 Quick Flicks

Solange stays showing up to some shit with that Ultimate Warrior make-up on. Oh well, a bitch got an album to promote. Sol-edad O’Brien and the Martin Luther King Blvd. Nightmares is available in stores now!

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Quick Flicks: Solange Promotes Safe Sex

57182297414200913801pm.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Solange Promotes Safe Sex

Kid Creole hit up MTV + The Body Shop’s Yes To Safe Sex event last night. Stop having nasty thoughts about her dirty rice and focus!

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You Down With Op? For The Check I Would Be.

solange op.thumbnail You Down With Op? For The Check I Would Be.

Whether she would ever admit to it on Twitter not Solange has problems paying her bills just like the rest of us. Daycare fees, art supplies, and the cost of maintaining her yaki game can make a bitch’s pockets look like rabbit ears.

Bumming a buck from big sister every now and then is one thing but trying to get it out the parents is another. You know Papa Joe 2.0 is having none of that borrowing shit! If you want something you better be willing to sell your soul and back stab other bitches go out and work for it. Who am I to hate on the next woman for handling their business? I see Bow Wow is behind on his car note too but its all good! We’re going to make it.

See more fake famous faces in junior Op gear under the cut.

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Solange Gets The Boot Plus The Real Reason Kizzy Got Dumped

Pat your weave ladies. Pat, pat your weave ladies.

6589613kdanick482009112447am.thumbnail Solange Gets The Boot Plus The Real Reason Kizzy Got DumpedAnyone with a remote knowledge of the music business understood that since Rowland was signed to Columbia Records via a production deal with Music World Entertainment, the company founded by Mathew Knowles, it was inevitable that her deal with Columbia Records was compromised once the 28-year-old singer ended her management agreement with Knowles back in January.

Now my sources tell me that the real reason the story about Rowland leaked the way it did last week was so that no one would realize that Geffen/Interscope Records has opted not to further their relationship with Knowles’ daughter Solange Knowles.

The eclectic singer’s sophomore release ‘Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams’ has only sold around 138,000 units since its release in August of 2008 and Geffen/Interscope didn’t see the value in doing a new CD on her.

“Geffen did a one-off deal with Music World Entertainment for Solange and wasn’t interested in doing a new contract with her.

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