Three The Hard Way: Erykah Badu, Ledisi, And Solange Cover Essence’s May 2014 Issue

eeee zps28685912 Three The Hard Way: Erykah Badu, Ledisi, And Solange Cover Essences May 2014 Issue

As if I needed another reason to openly stan for this woman. Natural beauties Erykah Badu, Ledisi, and Solange each rock their own cover for Essence magazine’s May 2014 issue. Hit the jump to check out the other pair of glam shots!

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The More You Know: Solange Is Tired Of People ‘Playing Black’

solange2 The More You Know: Solange Is Tired Of People Playing Black

Solange is tired of people thinking they are down for the cause because they keep a few token homies in their crew. ”It’s just so fun to ‘play black’ huh? Liiiiike……Lets all dress up, and ‘play black’ today because that shit is more fun than six flags!,” she tweeted yesterday.

Sol-angel and her Hadley Street Dreams deserve one huge sigh followed up by a long look at a dusty ceiling fan.

I get where you are coming from with this, but if you aren’t going to grab the mic and say that the next time you are spinning “Back That Ass Up” for those exact people at a corporate-sponsored hipster block party in the heart of gentrified ass Brooklyn — get off my porch. I can’t be bothered. Oh, and just @ Miley Cyrus next time.

Watch Solange dance around an empty flea market in her latest music video.

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Quick Flicks: Solange, Nicole Richie, Eve, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Brown And More

quick1 Quick Flicks: Solange, Nicole Richie, Eve, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Brown And More

Hey kids, remember when Bow Wow hopped his happy ass on Twitter to subliminally shade Solange following her big chop back in 2009? That slobber soaked roots box couldn’t arrive at its final destination fast enough. Juelz put a price on that boy’s head for talking greasy about his mama in front of company, end of the story.

Kid Creole stopped by the work place of Dickie Roberts: Former Childhood Star on Wednesday (September 18) to chat it up about her ‘True’ EP, fashion and more.

Check out additional shots of Eve, Nicole Richie, Chris Brown, Paula Patton, Taraji P. Henson and other stars by clicking through the gallery below!

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Solange Smiles Bright At Made In America

solange made Solange Smiles Bright At Made In America

Nepotism is alive and kicking inside the wig crypt. That’s enough to make anybody happy. “It humbles me to see so many of y’all singing the old songs,” Solange told an audience gathered to watch her afternoon set at Made In America on Sunday. “I appreciate you following me through my evolution.”

Solo charmed the crowd throughout her soul set on the Freedom stage, donning a retro dress and afro. She breezed through songs like “Losing You” and “Some Things Just Never Fucking Work” and also performed a cover of of the Dirty Projectors’ Zen signature hit “Stillness Is The Move.”

It’s been an eventful Labor Day weekend for Kid Creole. She rocked an after-party for the festival at the Theater of Living Arts on South Street for corporate sponsor Skype the evening before.

Check out an additional snapshot of Solange talking with big sister Beyonce inside.

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On The Scene: Solange Performs At The FYF Fest 2013

solange mic On The Scene: Solange Performs At The FYF Fest 2013

Solange borrowed fashion inspiration from Stacey McGill of ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ book series for her performance at the 10th Annual FYF Music Festival in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 25).

The 27-year-old carved out time from her busy schedule to chat with Net-A-Porter’s digital magazine The Edit about her latest projects and more.

“I don’t think any part of myself as an artist has ever had a moment of intention execution,” she began. “It’s all just been an evolution. I’ve been able to watch such an incredible performer as my sister close-up. It’s molded me. And now I’m letting my son watch me.”

“I’m having the time of my life. I have one of the best jobs in the world, and to be able to [perform] for an hour a day and make a career out of it, I’m incredibly humbled by it.”

To read more from her interview, click here.

Solange Talks Balancing Motherhood And Music

solange stage Solange Talks Balancing Motherhood And Music

What I wouldn’t pay to wake up one morning and write a post filled with paparazzi pictures of Donnie Simpson leaving a dinner date Katsuya in West Hollywood. Just one! Until that precious moment occurs, here’s another wig crypt bullet point.

Solange, pictured in all her shea butter glory at the 6th Annual Roots Picnic at the Festival Pier in Philly last week, talked balancing music and motherhood in the latest issue of Brooklyn magazine.

On her decision to move to New York: “You know, my parents are here, my sister is here, my cousin is here, all my friends are here. We really wanted Julez to have the experience that we had growing up—being able to drop in on his aunt’s house and being able to hang out with Grandma and see our friends and have that experience of actually having a soccer game and having family show up.”

On her connection to New York City: “I’m still a newcomer here, but I feel like because my family moved to New York when I was 17, that I have a longer and deeper connection. And I think about the times when I would come and visit them, and I would always spend a lot of time in Brooklyn. So it feels like an extension of me, living here, because I spent so much time here before.”

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