Clicks Around The Web: Khloe Kardashian Drops ‘Odom’ From Twitter Bio On Fourth Anniversary

khloe lamar Clicks Around The Web: Khloe Kardashian Drops Odom From Twitter Bio On Fourth Anniversary

Khloe Kardashian celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary to Lamar Odom by dropping ‘Odom’ and ‘Kardashian’ from her Twitter bio. Yes, you care.

Though her rep has yet to respond for a request for comment, earlier this week, she explained the Instagram bio change as follows: “She took off Kardashian and Odom on her bio only. Her Instagram handle has always been just Kardashian to match her Twitter name — so both of her names are @KhloeKardashian. They always have been but, yes, in her bio she removed both of her last names. So it simply says Khloé.”

Whether the change in name coincides with a change of heart remains to be seen.



- Tami Roman blogs about why she didn’t pop Shaunie O’Neal, offers shade to Tasha Marbury over weave venture idea. – Ronald Matters

- Quvenzhane Wallis‘ stunt double for ‘Annie’ is a grown ass woman. - Dlisted

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Shaunie O’Neal On Tasha Marbury’s Helmet Joke About Evelyn Lozada And More

shaunie 1 Shaunie ONeal On Tasha Marburys Helmet Joke About Evelyn Lozada And More

‘Basketball Wives’ queen bee Shaunie O’Neal chatted it up about allowing viewers to finally see the true her, bumping heads with Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada’s domestic abuse incident with Chad Johnson and more with Hello Beautiful.

Hello Beautiful: Last season you caught a lot of flack for the drama that happened, and this time around you said you were going to reveal the “real” you. What does that mean?

Shaunie O’ Neal: I just feel like, at this point, I probably just didn’t speak up enough. Previous seasons, I kind of sat back and was like whatever, ya know, I’m here and I’m doing my job. Evelyn and Tami have a such a strong personality that it’s very easy to sit back and just let them go and not really have much to say. I think everyone has something to say [about the show] regardless. If it’s too dramatic, they have something to say. If it’s not dramatic enough, they have something to say and I realize that.

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Tweets Is Watching: The Young, The Restless And The Unemployed

roycesh Tweets Is Watching: The Young, The Restless And The Unemployed

Who says everybody with permanently flared nostrils get along?

Instead of drifting away from all areas of social consciousness to be seen and heard while judging high school cheerleading competitions in South Carolina only, ‘Basketball Wives’ castaway Royce Reed took to her Twitter account to air out Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada.

If you need me I’ll be making dirt angels with Chief Keef and the rest of the Coco Dorm.

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Yes, You Care: ‘Basketball Wives’ Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary

shaunie Yes, You Care: Basketball Wives Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary

If the star players for the ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise don’t get their contract dispute settled with network execs soon fans who secretly love to loathe the series (ahem, Star Jones) will be stuck watching reruns.

Sources tell TMZ the Ocean Drive pep squad want major pay raises, claiming the show does quite well for the network. Well, VH1 isn’t here for that.

Before filming started, execs made it clear to Shaunie O’NealEvelyn LozadaTami Roman, and Suzie Ketcham that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that they could be replaced.

With filming for the new season currently underway and a deal still not being reached, word on the curb is that the cast is planning to walk out next week if their demands aren’t met.

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Snapshots! Evelyn Lozada And Shaunie O’Neal At The Essence Music Festival

ev shaunie1 Snapshots! Evelyn Lozada And Shaunie ONeal At The Essence Music Festival

It’s back to work for Evelyn Lozada. Still glowing from her July 4th wedding, the ‘Basketball Wives’ star flashed her massive wedding ring while signing copies of her first novel ‘Inner Circle’ at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on Sunday (June 8).

Ev’s girl Shaunie O’Neal was also spotted making her rounds at the event. Get a dose of Shaunie’s permanently flared nostrils hotness and a closer look at Ev’s ring inside.

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Tweets Is Watching: ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Draya Michelle Puts Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend On Blast

marlon 1 Tweets Is Watching: Basketball Wives LA Draya Michelle Puts Shaunie ONeals Boyfriend On Blast

Shaunie O’Neal may want to hit up Big Lot’s parking lot and cop Khia’s latest album when it drops because it looks as if her current boo Marlon Yates is paying his pussy bill to someone else. Read the details inside!

Shaunie And Boyfriend Marlon Wait It Out At The Airport

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