Style Jury: Rihanna

rihanna leader Style Jury: Rihanna
Fishnets – check. Short shorts – check. People talking about Rihanna‘s performance instead of her outfit – never in this lifetime.

Curry Goat showcased more than just her talents as she closed BBC Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend, a free two-day festival in east London, rocking cutoff fishnets and non-existent short shorts.

Performing in front of a giant sphinx, the “Talk That Talk” diva rocked out to a few of her #1 hits including “Only Girl (In The World)” and “Disturbia,” but more people seem to be discussing her racy onstage attire than her vocal ability.

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Rihanna Joins Jay-Z At Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend

rihanna hacknet Rihanna Joins Jay Z At Radio 1s Hackney Weekend

Dressed in all black everything, including a pair of goggle shades that reminds us of a villain in ‘Sailor Moon’, Rihanna joined Jay-Z onstage at BBC Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend in London last night (June 23).

Entering together through a white light positioned at the center of the stage, The Goat Whisperer and Hovito kicked off his career-spanning headlining set with “Run This Town” to deafening screams.

Clearly not the best live vocalist, RiRi delivered the song’s chorus in a raw and rough billy goat grunt that enhanced the thugged out persona she’s been trying to impose on us lately. Contrived or not, her “I don’t give a fuck” demeanor definitely plays a role in why fans love her. Hell, I even stanned out when she threw up the roc.

Check out the performance below along with flicks of Rihanna leaving her London hotel earlier in the day.

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Rihanna Set To Voice New Animation Film, Begins Work On Seventh Album

rihanna london Rihanna Set To Voice New Animation Film, Begins Work On Seventh Album

Just when you thought the Magic Johnson Theaters were safe to occupy again the Goat Whisperer has signed on to a new film project.

Rihanna, photographed above in the streets of London wearing a shirt adorned with the phrase cunt life (which is coincidentally the sitekey password for Al Reynold’s Bank of America online account) last night, will make her animation debut in DreamWorks’ movie ‘Happy Smekday!’ as one of the lead voices of the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Do you think RiRi has what it takes to lend her personality to an animated character?

Like A Boy

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Jacking For Posts: Rihanna Shades The Hell Out of Drake On Instagram

rihanna1 Jacking For Posts: Rihanna Shades The Hell Out of Drake On Instagram

If a mutual appreciation for blurting out 2 Chainz song lyrics at the most inopportune moments doesn’t bring your heart closer to Curry Goat nothing else will. But the following shade is a great start. Allow Kid Fury to explain:

And the drama continues.

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should), then you probably noticed my new avatar featuring a very cunt and saucy Drake with long and luxurious lavender hair. Photoshop is such a blessing.

Well @yewmadcunt snatched that avatar and posted it on Instagram with the caption, “Bitch Nigga!” underneath and Rihanna (@badgirlriri) certainly hit the like button. Oop!

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Before The Bottle Action: Chris Brown Tapes ‘Fuse Uncovered’ Special

chris spotted1 Before The Bottle Action: Chris Brown Tapes Fuse Uncovered Special

Hours before using his chin to play catch-and-release with a champagne bottle Chris Brown inside of a New York City club showed off his graffiti skills to Fuse TV for an upcoming special.

More details have surfaced from his bottle-flying night out, including pictures of the 24-year-old tourist who was struck in the head during the melee and Drake’s denial of participating in the ratchet javelin throw.

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Rihanna Strolls Through SoHo, Blasts Body Double Reports

rihanna stroll1 Rihanna Strolls Through SoHo, Blasts Body Double Reports

Rihanna turned heads while stepping out in New York City in a lacy see-through bandeau bra paired with a pleated dip him skirt, completed by a pair of Converse high tops on Monday (June 11). Now you know what to wear for your next trip to Target.

Folks on the street couldn’t help but hold up their scorecards (cell phones) to rate them titties as she strolled the West Village with best friend Melissa.

The Goat Whisperer arrived in town to unveil her massive Times Square building-sized naked billboard promoting her latest fragrance, Rebelle. She also spent her afternoon slamming The Sun newspaper, this time blasting reports that she used an Irish model as a body double for ass shots in advertising for her recent Emporio Armani adverts.

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