Rihanna & Nas: Def Jam Grammy After Party

rihanna nas Rihanna & Nas: Def Jam Grammy After Party

Rihanna and Nas rubbed shoulders while attending the Island Def Jam event following the 2013 Grammys at Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles on Sunday night (February 10) in Los Angeles.

The label mates were joined at the Samsung Galaxy and Pepsi presented party by Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Ne-Yo, Jhene Aiko, Lance Gross and more.


Although Rih Rih — rocking a red Azzedine Alaia gown — didn’t walk the red carpet with Chris Brown, the pair cuddled up for several photos inside the Staples Center.

The celebrating couple continued their night out on the town at the Zing Vodka Post Grammy Party held at Hollywood’s Supperclub, where Breezy served as host. Escorted by their security team, the duo departed the event around 2:30 a.m.

Check out more flicks of Rihanna oozing liberal amounts of sexy appeal and brown stew sauce in the gallery below.

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Chris Brown Couldn’t Be Bothered With Participating In The Standing Ovation For Frank Ocean

Last night, the majority of the A-list audience gave Frank Ocean a rousing standing ovation as he walked to the stage to accept his award for Best Urban Contemporary Album at The 55th Annual Grammy Awards  – except for Chris Brown.

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Another Damn Rihanna Post: 5 Quotes About Her Relationship With Chris Brown In Rolling Stone

158713217 Another Damn Rihanna Post: 5 Quotes About Her Relationship With Chris Brown In Rolling Stone

In today’s pop culture driven world, many people are so busy overindulging in the aspects of Rihanna‘s personal life that they forget often her chief contribution to society — melodic goat whispering.

With her uber-candid February 2013 cover story for Rolling Stone magazine focusing primarily on her reconciliation with Chris Brown and what the reunion means for her image, expect for public interest about their relationship to continue rising.

Get it together or forget it forever: “He doesn’t have the luxury of fucking up again. That’s just not an option. I can’t say that nothing else will ever go wrong. But I’m pretty solid in the knowing that he’s disgusted by that. And I wouldn’t have gone this far if I ever thought that was a possibility.”

Life support: “Wait. You think I’m here to rehabilitate Chris? No, no, no. That is not my purpose. Trust me. I could have done that from the jump if I thought that was my job. My job was to take care of myself – and I did. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think Chris was ready.”

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Style File: Givenchy To Collaborate With H&M In 2013?

givenchy Style File: Givenchy To Collaborate With H&M In 2013?

“Givenchy sounds like a fucking shitty ball player. Like a fucked up city in Spain. ‘Where are you going Michael?’ Givenchy,” Tyler The Creator joked with Pusha T while filming the music video for “Trouble On My Mind”.

But label loving entertainers and athletes can’t get enough of the French luxury brand — especially Riccardo Tisci’s graphic tees. It’s their polite way of saying “I spent your car note on this t-shirt because I can” with consideration to the common man.

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Stunts And Shows: Rihanna, You Tried It

rihanna stage Stunts And Shows: Rihanna, You Tried It

Rihanna pulled quite the stunt midway through her performance of my favorite song to drop acid to last night in London.

“Alright, what the fuck? Stop this shit. What the fuck is that? Why is the track off from the band? This is the bullshit we deal with when we are just doing a random rock n’ roll tour with no rehearsals and shit,” ranted Rih Rih.

She then apologized to her audience and fans watching at home before running the song back from the top. Because the band was to blame for her vocals sounding like stir fried shit.

Girl. Gerl. Gworl.

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How Dreadful: Rihanna’s 777 Tour Has Turned Into An Episode of ‘The Magic School Bus’

rihanna mic How Dreadful: Rihannas 777 Tour Has Turned Into An Episode of The Magic School Bus

It’s not all good in the friendly skies for many journalists and fans globetrotting with Rihanna in support of her 777 Tour. Here’s a breakdown of the reported “bedlam” that has taken place on the Boeing aircraft.

MTV – By now you may have heard that shortly after takeoff around 4 this morning, our tour plane descended into bedlam, as a large group of passengers (mostly journalists), could no longer contain the frustration that had been building over the past 48 hours or so. If you’ve been following along, you could probably tell — even positive show reviews were taking on a clipped tone, there was a general undercurrent of “I’m writing about this because I have to, but I am miserable” to many updates.

Rihanna Lights Up The Stage In Berlin

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