Sonja, Come And Get Your Child

ray1 Sonja, Come And Get Your Child

I always thought that if I ignored Ray J he would fade away like his sister’s hairline. I’ve got more praying to do.

R&B bad boy Ray J was kicked out of his Washington, D.C. hotel room this weekend after illegal club drug was found on the premises.

According to TMZ, the “Sexy Can I” crooner was forced to leave his room at the Hyatt Regency in D.C. when security allegedly discovered marijuana and a club drug known as “boat” while investigating a complaint received by hotel management.


Sources for TMZ say Ray J argued vehemently with hotel security after attempting to bribe them to allow him to stay. Police were called to the scene however no arrests were made.


Ray J’s security helped him leave the hotel. He reportedly booked a new room at the Holiday Inn [Classy! - - Fresh] down the street, however Ray J’s camp has not issued any comment on the matter. [source]

Not This Mess Again

image138 Not This Mess Again

First Rudy Huxtable sells ass for Tyler Perry now this. Take me higher Lord! Every time I see this dynamic duo together I let out a deep sigh and look towards the heavens. I simply cannot deal with this today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. They both look healthy and happy, so I guess I will give them a pass.

The Kang of R&B wrote about Nippy’s love affair with Ray J in his upcoming autobiography, I Pray This Check Doesn’t Bounce.

“I’m aware of the fact that Whitney had been seeing Ray J, a very young R&B artist who is most famous for being the little brother of Brandy, the multi-platinum singing artist and TV star.

“Their relationship doesn’t bother me. She’s open to see whoever she wants to see, just like I can see who I want to see.

“I know the age difference between her and the little guy is 20 years, but to each his own.

“The only concern I had was how our daughter felt about the age difference. As long as she’s cool with it, it’s fine by me.” [source]

Let Us Pray

nip 2 Let Us Pray nip 3 Let Us Pray

Whitney Houston surprised attendees at A-Town’s Hot 107.9′s fashion show on Thursday night when she showed up to the event with Ray J. According to Sohh Streetz Nippy arrived late and slid through the back entrance after spending about 20 minutes in her black SUV.

I just want to know what Bobbi Kristina thinks of all this.

Party Hard

rihsnna1 Party Hard

Try not to make a tranny joke about that second picture, okay?

After going to get tatted up, Rihanna surprised her best friend Melissa ‘Big Red’ Forde with a birthday party last night at New York City’s Star Lounge last night. Boom Kat, Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor, Keith Robinson, Chrisette Michele, Ray J and a host of other known unknowns were in the building.

I haven’t been able to look at Teyana quite the same since someone made left comment saying she resembled a pound puppy with a wig on. My soul is still aching. Hit up Necole Bitchie for more flicks from the party.

Enough Already, Damn

Ray J hit the Tyra Banks show to talk about what else – - his boring ass sex tape with Kim Kardashian. It’s funny to watch Ty Ty Baby be all buddy-buddy with Brandy’s little brother when she gave Kim the ho-head nod and side-eye a couple months back.

BREAKING NEWS: Ray J Is Still Lame As Hell

BREAKING NEWS: Ray J Is Still Lame As Hell

rayj BREAKING NEWS: Ray J Is Still Lame As Hell

Ray J is still trying to milk his little sex tape with Kim Kardashian for all its worth, which isn’t much. You would think that he was piping her down Brian Plummer style the way he is running around town. Um, no. To be totally honest with you I’ve watched better mating rituals on Meerkat Manor. Zaphod is a beast!

He recently released a mixtape titled Ray J Unkut which features a very lovely cover. I want to get it in a velvet black light poster version and hang it over my bed. Class-ssy! Take a peak at YBF or under the cut.

[Story via YBF // Thanks Kaylah]

rayj2 BREAKING NEWS: Ray J Is Still Lame As Hell