Day Late, Dollar Short: A Very Special Mother’s Day Message From Plies

plies mother day2 zps487144f9 Day Late, Dollar Short: A Very Special Mothers Day Message From Plies

Let’s take a minute to collectively shift our focus away from the video footage of Solange starting her third round of Insanity by performing plyometrics on Jay-Z inside a moving elevator. Don’t worry, I am going to double back to that shit a little later.

On Saturday night, acclaimed humanitarian and Pulitzer Prize winning real nigga Plies took to his Twitter account to salute mothers. Allow these flowers from Algernod warm your heart:

plies tweet zpsbe89e5d1 Day Late, Dollar Short: A Very Special Mothers Day Message From Plies

Well, it’s a hell of a lot better than scribbling the poem “Roses are red, violets are blue, there are 36 ounces in a brick, and today you shine because that nigga bust inside you” on the back of a subpoena.

New Music: Plies – Obama Forward

forward New Music: Plies   Obama Forward

Beyonce isn’t the only one putting a Rose Art crayon to work in support of President Barack Obama. Rhyming over what has to be a pre-programmed beat from a Casio keyboard purchased in the mid 90′s, Kirko Frankz puts his patriotism where his mouth is on “Obama Forward”, a track slated to appear on his new mixtape ‘On Trial 2′.

Donald Trump, he’s all yours.

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Skeet or Delete: Kirk Franklin – Feet To The Ceiling

Internationally unknown and locally unaccepted goon of leisure Plies once lovingly told a female companion in song “I don’t want to be cute tonight I want to get nasty / let me drop this mayonnaise, baby, in your salad.” 

Without a second to waste Kirko Frankz likes to get straight to the point when dealing with the fairer sex and “Feet To The Ceiling” is no exception.

You bring the peanut butter and jelly. I’ll bring the vegetable and cheese tray. Shit, we both grown.

Quick Flicks: Monica, Ludacris, and Others Strap Up At Birthday Bash

The prettiest people do the most ratchet things and unprotected sex is one of them.

While the thought of Shawty Lo promoting anything other than One Touch let alone condoms is just plain hilarious the omnipresence of sexually transmitted dieases in our word is no laughing matter. Monica, Ludacris, DJ Drama, Uncle Luke, Plies, Rick Ross, and a host of stranger bitches with all-access credentials stopped by the Magnum Live Large area backstage at Hot 107.9′s Birthday Bash 15 on Saturday.