Skeet or Delete: Nicki Minaj — Beez In The Trap

beez1 Skeet or Delete: Nicki Minaj    Beez In The Trap

Grab some wet wipes and check the balance on your Rush Card. Nicki Minaj is taking us to the strip club in the new video for ‘Beez in the Trap.’

2 Chainz tags along in his Cheetah Girl sneakers but somehow doesn’t look as suspect as another rapper would have.

Nicki Minaj Hosts The Nokia Lumia 900 Launch

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Promo Trail: Nicki Minaj

nicki promo trail Promo Trail: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj showed served plentiful amounts of cleavage in a starry black bustier top as she signed autographs of her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded for Harlem World fans on Tuesday (April 3).

Sitting in the hot seat at Power 105′s Breakfast Club this morning, YMCMB’s first lady dismissed rumors that she had another female rapper in mind while in the studio this time around. Girl, I guess.

“I don’t go at nobody, Envy. I don’t say anything to them. What’s so interesting is that you guys always think I’m talking to somebody in particular. A lot of times, I’ll be talking to people y’all have no idea I’m talking to, which is interesting,” she explained.

“I’m good, and when I say that, I mean I’m not writing records about any girls in the game past or present, I wish you the best. And I really mean that. We went at it, the best woman won and I’m ready to move on. People make it a bigger deal than I make it.”

Nicki Minaj Hits The Airwaves At Z100

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Starships And Glowsticks: Nicki Minaj Gets Splattered For ‘Roman’

nicki minaj roman Starships And Glowsticks: Nicki Minaj Gets Splattered For Roman

Introducing to some and presenting to others, stills from the Carebear bukkake scene shot inside a Lisa Frank factory that appear in Nicki Minaj’s digital album booklet for ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.’ Don’t everybody go withering around in yogurt for their Facebook profile pictures all at once. Check them out below.

Nicki Minaj On ‘American Idol’

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Nicki Minaj: Tokyo Takeover (Photos)

nicki airport Nicki Minaj: Tokyo Takeover (Photos)

As she awaits for the process of Lil’ Kim erasing her social security number to conclude, Nicki Minaj is racking up on frequent flyer miles. She showed love to her fans at Narita International Airport in Japan yesterday as news spread that she is set to earn millions with soft drink giant Pepsi.

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Faces From The Milk Carton: Old Nicki

nicki old Faces From The Milk Carton: Old Nicki

Before casting a net of tourette inducing music over airwaves across the globe the self-appointed female Weezy packed stacks of cold hard cash around in a Baby Phat purse, considered beef and broccoli a top-tier delicacy and could actually spit. Ah, the good old days! A previously unreleased Nicki Minaj music video called “Dirty Money” surfaced over the weekend featuring Onika in the finest threads vendors advertised in the back of The Source could only supply. Watch the guerilla style clip below.

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Promo Trail: Nicki Minaj Makes Her Rounds For MAC Viva Glam

nicki mac Promo Trail: Nicki Minaj Makes Her Rounds For MAC Viva Glam

more nicki1 Promo Trail: Nicki Minaj Makes Her Rounds For MAC Viva Glam

More Nicki Minaj

Never mind your cousin with the stale mug on the side. Nicki Minaj and her demon possessed lace front held court inside a New York City MAC store to promote MAC Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign, which raises funds for HIV/AIDS worldwide.

“I wanted to be a Viva Glam girl since I can remember,” she told ABC’s Robin Roberts on ‘Good Morning America’ earlier today.

“So it’s just incredible to be a part of something so intense and so major and so helpful to the community.”

She adds, “I had an uncle that passed away from AIDS and he actually was living in Trinidad. So it’s dually important because, y’know, it’s my family, and in addition, it’s my country.”

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