Tweets Is Watching: Nicki Minaj Lashes Out At Critics In Twit-tandrum

nicki 1 Tweets Is Watching: Nicki Minaj Lashes Out At Critics In Twit tandrum

Earlier today Nicki Minaj retreated to her Twitter account to shake a fictitious table, having a social media meltdown over her decision to cancel U.K. concerts at the V Festival in England due to bruised vocal chords.

I bet her chest is still swelled up in anticipation for a fork to strike her forehead at any moment. Typical jump-bad behavior.

“Like people are hitting me telling me I shldve mimed. No! Then you woulda make a fucking STORY out of that too! #killyafucking self,” she vented.

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Style File: Nicki Minaj At Roseland Ballroom

nicki leader2 Style File: Nicki Minaj At Roseland Ballroom

Nicki Minaj‘s performance last night at Roseland Ballroom came complete with more wig changes than K. Michelle has in one episode of ‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta.’

Assuring that fans didn’t get one standard look, she also came with interchangeable wardrobe options. Make your selection: Marilyn Monroe Barb, Hood Aerobics Instructor Barb, or Lace Front Michael Jackson Thriller Barb. Keep in mind that this isn’t happening at your local Toys R’ Us.

Sound off on your favorite look in the comments!

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Foxy Brown’s Sweaty Ass Leaves A Footprint In The Sands Of Time At Roseland Ballroom

foxy5 Foxy Browns Sweaty Ass Leaves A Footprint In The Sands Of Time At Roseland Ballroom

Introduced by Nicki Minaj as someone “who has influenced me the most out of every female in the rap game” Foxy Brown joined the Head Barb In Charge on stage at Roseland Ballroom on Tuesday night (August 13) but it was her ass that stole the show!

The crowd of nearly 3,000 fans roared as Fox Boogie entered to perform three songs from her 2001 album ‘Broken Silence.’

“There aren’t any other female rappers who have opened doors for me than you,” Minaj said, looking to the Brooklyn-born rapper and quickly adding: “You and Lauryn (Hill).”

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Quick Flicks: Nicki Minaj Brings ‘Starships’ To ‘Today’

nicki leader1 Quick Flicks: Nicki Minaj Brings Starships To Today

Dressed in a red lace catsuit from Fredrick’s of Hollywood and a borrowed pair of leather knee high boots from Derek J’s closet, Nicki Minaj — along with females similarly dressed and males dressed in their finest silk MC Hammer pants — lit up Rockefeller Plaza performing “Spaceships,” “Pound The Alarm” and more on the Today Show this morning.

She tells Matt Lauer she has been “very hands on” with her fragrance set to debut in September at Macy’s.

“I went back and forth with my fragrance team at least 1000 times per picture, per commercial layout – everything. The fragrance is going to be out in September at Macy’s. I’m so excited for it. In a couple of days we’re actually going to show the bars the bottle and give them the name so I’m really super excited about it.”

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Skeet Or Delete: Nicki Minaj – “Pound The Alarm”

What do you do when the majority of the 13 million people that follow you on Twitter hail your album as being the finest of weed plates? You live to fight another day by making a video because you need Birdman to stop making you lick his forehead to remain relevant.

Nicki Minaj dutty wines as if she needs a hip replacement in the brand spankin’ new video for “Pound The Alarm.” Join her Trini Massive crew (PALANCE!) by executing your best damn bitch my feet hurt duck walk.

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Stunts And Shows: Nicki Minaj Has Another Diva Moment?

 Stunts And Shows: Nicki Minaj Has Another Diva Moment?

Who else can Nicki Minaj piss off? First she pulls out of the Hot 97 Summer Jam, where she was the scheduled headliner, after a DJ dissed her top 10 hit “Starships.” Now the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap is making waves over in UK as well.

Ken Barbz around the world were put into a frenzy when other artists from the T in the Park music festival tweeted about the Young Money artist’s “diva-like” behavior.

Nicki Minaj: Ass-tastic At The BET Awards ’12

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