Plies – “Bust It Baby Part 2″ – Featuring Ne-Yo

I just gave her a nickname, it’s wet wet / Cuz when we finish she mess up all my bed sets

As the chi’ren at AHM would say, DO. NOT. WANT. I tried watching this video last night before I went to bed but my brain couldn’t process all the fuckery in it. Maybe you can but I can’t.

A fucking catfish dressed as Mr. Bojangles chilling on Ocean Drive singing on my cot damn computer screen. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

I’m Just Saying . . .

again1 Im Just Saying . . .

I don’t know about you but I will take the version of Mama Lorainne that puts hot sauce on her pork rinds and smoked wu’s in the staircase with Ghostface over this one any day. She probably pays her bills on time and everything now. Child boo.

Check out a bonus flick of Go-Go and Plies on the set of “Bust It Baby Part 2″ after the jump.

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Go-Go Gets Closer

gogo8 Go Go Gets Closer

Don’t be scared, Ne-Yo. It’s only pussy.

Jesus take my hand and lead me down your righteous path. Do my eyes deceive me or did Go-Go cut down on the tang for his new video? I mean, his zest factor is still as present as ever but its almost unnoticeable. Somebody’s one-on-one sessions after school with Da Brat has paid off tremendously. Bravo bitch!

Def Jam’s tang master has been really cranking that music out. His third album release, Year of the Gentleman, is due in June. Here are more pictures of him on the set of the video for his first single, “Closer.”

gogo4.thumbnail Go Go Gets Closer gogo6.thumbnail Go Go Gets Closer gogo7.thumbnail Go Go Gets Closer gogo5.thumbnail Go Go Gets Closer gogo2.thumbnail Go Go Gets Closer

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In Case You Still Aren’t Tired of This Chick

rihanna12 In Case You Still Arent Tired of This Chick

I would like to extend a hearty ‘eff you’ to the person who made the comment on Tuesday that Rihanna’s friend looks like Ne-Yo with a mushroom wig on. My Creator does not like ugly.

The flashing lights caught Rih Rih on the set of her new video in Los Angeles. That’s right, homegirl is still pumping out the visuals. Now I hope this isn’t the continuation to “Shut Up And Drive” featuring Chris Brown’s swagged out beaver bobblehead on the dashboard.

rihanna2.thumbnail In Case You Still Arent Tired of This Chick rihanna3.thumbnail In Case You Still Arent Tired of This Chick rihanna4.thumbnail In Case You Still Arent Tired of This Chick rihanna5.thumbnail In Case You Still Arent Tired of This Chick rihanna6.thumbnail In Case You Still Arent Tired of This Chick

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Miss Celie Hits The Club

tasia1 Miss Celie Hits The Club

Tasia Mae’s “I am everyday people” factor never ceases to amaze me. Anybody who won’t look at me sideways if I ask to help me shuck corn and snap peas is good in my book. Young Dro’s baby thing kicked with Irv Gott, Jazzy Pha, Ne-Yo and others at Luckie’s in ATL last night.

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Known Unknowns

bday9 Known Unknowns

It was B-list heaven at the 25th birthday party for Haqq [the ghetto fabulous twins from the movie 'ATL', ya'll] last night. Tank, Melyssa Ford’s rented titties, Ne-Yo, Kyla Pratt, Meagan Good along with her boo Thomas Jones and others came out to party it up inside of Big Mama’s attic. What was the price of admission, one can of non-perishable food?

Before you go to sleep tonight please say a special prayer for Melyssa to stop showing up at events looking like somebody’s fast tail older cousin. Every family has at least one broad who always comes to the family cook-outs wearing the same pair of cutoff shorts that she rocked to Freaknik back in the day.

bday1.thumbnail Known Unknowns bday3.thumbnail Known Unknowns bday2.thumbnail Known Unknowns bday4.thumbnail Known Unknowns bday5.thumbnail Known Unknowns bday6.thumbnail Known Unknowns

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