The Negro Awards Live From Crunkland

bet1 The Negro Awards Live From Crunkland

What’s good Crunkland, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Xilla the one with that starts with the X. Some of you may have been to my site where you can get Urban Life blogs, relationship advice and a bit of entertainment and I’ll be giving you the play by play of the Negro BET Awards.

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A Night To Remember

ascap5 A Night To Remember

I’m not going to give you the difficult task of asking which one of these handsome gentlemen you would motorboat, but if you are willing to tell me any way I’m all ears.

ascap1.thumbnail A Night To Remember ascap7.thumbnail A Night To Remember ascap3.thumbnail A Night To Remember ascap4.thumbnail A Night To Remember ascap6.thumbnail A Night To Remember

Last night’s Rhythm and Soul ASCAP Awards was a candy shop for fuckery enthusiasts like myself. New Edition and Verdine White’s perm in the same building? That’s enough fever to cause a four alarm blaze! Networks never air the award shows that I would want to watch.

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Fly High

jhud6 Fly High

Jennifer Hudson + Toccara [along with her big ass feet] were both spotted by the paparazzi at LAX this past Sunday. She looks . . . colorful. Please try to refrain from making any jokes about an over sized bottle of Sprite. Thanks in advance.

 jhud1.thumbnail Fly High jhud2.thumbnail Fly High jhud3.thumbnail Fly High jhud4.thumbnail Fly High jhud5.thumbnail Fly High

J. Hud’s lead single from her Arista album, Spotlight, is currently No. 51 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, two weeks after debuting at No. 99. It was written by Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate. Go-Go notes there were challenges in choosing the first single, but says he’s “really, really proud” that his song was picked for the job.

[Flicks via Just Jared]

Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

gogo1.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin gogo2.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin gogo4.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin gogo6.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin gogo7.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

Go-Go has rasied the zest rate in the New York City metropolitan area a staggering 300% in this past week alone! I urge residents to stay in their homes and watch j-setting videos on YouTube until further notice. In the event that you are approached on the streets by this fresh water bass I advise you to hurl a tube of lip gloss directly in his face and run for the hills.

Ne-Yo partied last night with at Spotlight Live and stopped by The Webbie Awards before hitting TRL today with Plies for a live performance.

Call An Ambulance

image17 Call An Ambulance

Now if this flick isn’t enough to convince you that Ne-Yo hooks himself up to an IV that drips tang directly into his bloodstream every night, kill yourself immediately. That picture belongs on a box of Black College Studs Gone Wild 18, and you know it.

Alexis Arquette rubbed her Pocarra’s for a good cause at the AIDS Research Alliance event while Go-Go gave party goers zest in its rawest and pure form.

Who is giving off more fever?

Quick Quotes

neto1 Quick Quotes

“[I’m] still reading over scripts trying to figure out what’s gonna be the next move. Fox Atomic has another movie in development right now for me that’s kind of going to be along of the lines of a current-day Purple Rain . . . Like me playing the role of Prince, and then I don’t know who they’re getting for the other roles. But the script is being written for me right now.”

- – Ne-Yo on possibly starring in a remake of Purple Rain via Miss Info

This made me make the sad Patrick Ewing face.