Quick Flicks: Go-Go’s Birthday Bash

gogo9.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Go Gos Birthday Bash

I swear this guy makes my job a lot easier every time he jumps in front of the camera. Ne-Yo celebrated his birthday again in New York City on Monday night with a party fit for a queen. Too bad our invitation got lost in the mail. [Insert sad Lil' Mama face]

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Bust It Every Day of the Year

calendar2 Bust It Every Day of the Year

I would like to extend my deepest apologies to the Alpha Kappa Alpha sisterhood for the above blasphemy. My bad, shawty.

This fall, Big Gates, owner of Top 12 Models Management and Plies will release their 2009 Bust It Baby calendar, which will feature 12 international ladies. In addition to each purchase, one will receive a free autographed poster of PLIES. The calendar will be nationally distributed online, at retail outlets, newsstands, concert performances, and via several calendar release parties throughout.

Coming off the success of two hot singles in heavy rotation; “Bust It Baby Pt. 2″ featuring Ne-yo and “Please Excuse My Hands” featuring Jamie Foxx and The Dream; Plies lends the opportunity to give back through his philanthropic organization Big Gates and Plies Power of Visions. The Power of Visions organization, offers funding for education, mentorship, the homeless, and legal representation for the currently incarcerated, as well, all the proceeds from the calendar will support the organization, “now that’s real,” states Big Gates.

Question of the Day

gogo1 Question of the Day

Don’t question my authority about choosing that picture.

In a recent interview with Rap-up.com Ne-Yo revealed that he will soon begin work on a semi-autobiographical movie about his life tentatively titled “Venice Beach.”

“We are putting together the next [film] right now as we speak, as a matter of fact. The name of the movie is Venice Beach and basically it’s going to be my 8 Mile, loosely based on [my] life, but not really,” the singer tells Rap-Up.com. “There’s a lot of room for it to be either really good or really corny. We gotta make sure the script is right, so that’s why we ain’t start shooting yet. We gotta get it right.” [source]

Who do you think would be a good pick for the starring role and why?

Something In The Milk Ain’t Clean

chrisgogo2 Something In The Milk Aint Clean

We are living in the last days. Go-Go is trying to solicit Chris Brown’s laffy taffy kiss kiss for sex. I thought that the customer was suppose to be the one riding around in the car while the lady of the night struts down the sidewalk but this is a new generation of hookers we are dealing with.

C. Beezy always remember that it ain’t payday unless nuts in your mouth. Just kidding! Go-Go was probably asking him where Rihanna cops her lip gloss from. No funny business.

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You Sent It: The Apple of Karl’s Eye

karl You Sent It: The Apple of Karls Eye

Just to reiterate: I’m at work surfing the Internet,* and stopped dead in my tracks (ask my Internet server) when I came across the news of the century!

Let me just say that I’m amazed that my heart is still beating because I lost my breathe on several occasions writing this shiznit.

Mista “God’s Gift To The Fashion Industry”** himself, Karl Lagerfeld was asked by Harpar Baazaar which person is his fantasy.

Fresh, you wouldn’t guess in a million years, with a million Marys, his creme of the crop! Naomi Campbell? Fierce — but not so much. Grace Jones? Bad — but not as in “good.” Ne-Yo? Please, so play’d out [that was his muse last year].

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The Son of Chico Dusty Wig Strikes Again

at1 The Son of Chico Dusty Wig Strikes Again

I’ve never heard of Audrey Turner and while I’m sure that she is a lovely person this helmet wig needs to be returned to the crypt immediately. I know an old Mary J. Blige wig when I see it ! As soon as I find a picture with her wearing this joint I am going to edit this post. Kendu is always trying to hustle on the side. I can’t believe he went inside Wilona’s wig chamber and pulled this out to sell on eBay.

I’ve seen worse wigs dying of thirst in my day so I won’t go too hard on Ms. Turner I am going to have to issue a citation. It takes all of 10 minutes to have a stylist thin-out and shape a wig to frame your face, there is no excuse for this. Thanks Ne-Yo’s # 1 Dick Supplier!