Ego Trippin’

cassidy kanye amber.thumbnail Ego Trippin

Cassidy finally put in his two weeks notice at Sticks N’ Stuff and has opted to take the fast route to relevancy by becoming a whore for propaganda! Yaaaassss!

Word on the curb a couple of weeks ago was that Kanye’s new robocop Amber Rose was smashing the homie from Philly. The buzz cut beauty denied the claim via her Twitter page but Cassidy may be singing another tune to a creole beat.

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Photo Booth: Go-Go + Lady GaGa

845798981.thumbnail Photo Booth: Go Go + Lady GaGa 84579916.thumbnail Photo Booth: Go Go + Lady GaGa 845799001.thumbnail Photo Booth: Go Go + Lady GaGa

Go-Go went deep into his drag closet and pulled out a Goldie Locks inspired wig during a taping of a BBC 2 music special. Oh, Shaffer.

Who’s That Peeping In My Window?

gogo1.thumbnail Whos That Peeping In My Window? gogo1.thumbnail Whos That Peeping In My Window? gogo1.thumbnail Whos That Peeping In My Window?

I haven’t had my damn coffee yet so this type of blatant act of tang as thrown the kid for a loop. For some unknown reason Go-Go thought that it would be a good look to tell People magazine that he peeped his next door neighbor Young Jeezy walking around butt ass naked.

The So Sick singer admits he was shocked to discover that he lived next door to Jeezy after moving into an exclusive Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood.

But he was even more taken back when he found he could see directly into the rapper’s pad.

Ne-Yo says, Just chillin’ one day, I was like, ‘Is that… Jeezy?

“I hit him up: ‘Yo, you probably shouldn’t walk around naked – I can see you’.” [source]

I’ve got nothing.

Your Two Cents Required: Seriously, Ne-Yo?

Go-Go thinks that all children who can pass Yung Berg’s pool test [you know, the light skinned and wavy ones] are the most attractive. I don’t know why the interviewers in this clip thought the opinion of a catfish was important but there is a lot of shit going on in the world I don’t understand. The fuckery begins around the 7 minute mark.

Update: Since the owner of the video snatched the clip off of YouTube here is a replacement killer in the meantime. I say meantime because I know it will eventually pop up on World Star Hip Hop [they're the CNN of fuckery]. In the new clip Go-Go speaks about smashing hoes and losing his virginity at age 9 amongst other things. Yeah you’ve seen this shit before but whatever. Get like him!

From The C+D Vault

If you have been reading this site for a while than you probably know that I often affectionately refer to resident tang master Ne-Yo as Go-Go from time to time. Well, here’s the video that made all of it possible. I see you Corey Clark!

I’m Just Saying . . .

weezy1 Im Just Saying . . .

Everybody shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. For more flicks of Weezy, Jay-Z, Plies, Ne-Yo, Free [1], and others at Power 105.1′s Powerhouse Concert hit up the celebrity gallery.

[1] I wonder if she asked Hova for ‘chilld support money’ when she ran into him. I know I’m not the only one who remembers that rumor.