Quick Quotes: Nas Lives The Good Life For His Complex Magazine Cover Story

nas1 Quick Quotes: Nas Lives The Good Life For His Complex Magazine Cover Story

nas2 Quick Quotes: Nas Lives The Good Life For His Complex Magazine Cover Story

Lean back. Nas opens up on divorce, fatherhood, living the good life for his tenth studio album and more for Complex’s June/July issue.

“Daughters” was an emotional record. What made you be so honest?
This is the first time I’m dealing with a teenage daughter, and it blows me away. I don’t know that you’re ever prepared to be a parent. Once you become one, that’s your responsibility. It’s more like me talking to myself, about how I could have been there a lot more. I beat myself up for not being the best I could be. I would ask her: “Am I a cool dad?” or “Am I a good dad? Did I fuck up?” And she would say, “Nah, you’re good.” That’s important to me because I started as a teen. I was around 19 when her mother was pregnant. My daughter means a lot to me. It’s just a record that came from the heart.

What’s the most important thing that you want to teach your son about women?
He has to have his own life. My experience could be the wrong thing for his life and what’s ahead of him. A lot of older people are giving the worst advice, based on the problems they had. I’m going to need him to tell me what to do. That’s what I’m looking forward to. If I’m here, we’ll talk. If not, he’s going to figure it out on his own. He’ll take his mother’s words, he’ll take my words, and then there’s the truth. Whatever he feels, he’s got to go with his heart, and be a man in every occasion.

Watch Nas star as Nicki Minaj’s love interest in her “Right By My Side” video below. We see you loading those pool table balls in that tube sock, Kelis.

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Photo of the Day: Destiny Jones Spends Time With Dad Nas

destiny nas Photo of the Day: Destiny Jones Spends Time With Dad Nas

Destiny Jones hinted that her relationship with rapper dad Nas is back on the mend following mom Carmen Bryan‘s ire after hearing his new track “Daughters,” which makes mention of the time that the 17-year-old posted a photo of condoms on her Instagram account.

“I’m a mother first, and if Destiny is upset about something that makes me upset. I think he really didn’t realize how the song would affect Destiny,” Bryan tweeted on Thursday.

“He should have allowed her to hear if first. His short coming was humiliating her in public by rehashing the mistakes she has made via a song. Not right. Humiliate our children on wax for the mistakes that they make. Who does that? I didn’t hear anything positive in that song.”

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Quick Quotes: Nas On His ‘Crazy’ Split From Kelis

nas kelis 1 Quick Quotes: Nas On His Crazy Split From Kelis

As barbershop debates continue on across the country over if the best party earned custody of The N red carpet gear, Nas is opening up about his highly publicized 2009 divorce from Harlem’s own glowstick, Kelis.

Nas was reportedly ordered to pay a staggering $40,000 a month in spousal and child support a day after the birth of son Knight in July 2009. The amount has since been cut to $25,000 a month. He also has a daughter, Destiny, from a previous relationship.

“Life is crazy. I [wound] up paying more money to baby mommas than what some of my rap brothers and sistren make,” he told Sway Calloway on MTV’s RapFix Live this week.

“I’ve always been away from too much limelight and that right there put me in — no one’s exempt from people probing into your life once you get into the game,” he conceded. “So [the divorce] put a lot of my business out there, man. People weren’t thinking I was making that kind of money, and now they know.”

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Year of The Gentlemen: Trey Songz And Nas Get Dapper For GQ’s Party

gq magazine Year of The Gentlemen: Trey Songz And Nas Get Dapper For GQs Party

Mr. Steal Your Girl linked up with Mr. Cheat On His Wife During Her Second Trimester for GQ’s magazine celebration for the launch of the April 2012 issue at The Jane Hotel last night (March 12) in New York City.

View more pictures from the guys’ night out inside the gallery.

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Kelis Performs At G-A-Y, Nas Says It’s “Hell” To See Son Knight

kelis gay1 Kelis Performs At G A Y, Nas Says Its Hell To See Son Knight

Outfitted as a cape crusader for glowsticks and child support payments, Kelis left a trail of pixie dust in the wind while on the stage at G-A-Y in London, England on the eve of Mother’s Day.

Girl, good day.

Meanwhile, Nas tells Vibe.com that its been a difficult task to see son Knight due to his strained relationship with Kelis. That poor righteous teacher.

How old is Knight? Is he walking yet?

He’s like nine months. He’s crawling, pulling himself to stand up. He said the word ‘stick’ about a month ago. He’s been talking for about two months, saying little words here and there.

How often are you able to see him?

My son was born with ice grills, so when his mom feels in the mood she sends pictures. If not, its hell. It’s hell trying to figure that out, trying to get him—I’ll just leave it at that. It’s hell. A man shouldn’t go through that shit, but it’s another story I’ma tell at a different time.

Do you feel a certain way about having the tattoo [of Kelis] now, after everything that’s been going on?

[Laughs] I don’t really think about tattoos, I just think about adding more, you know what I’m saying?

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