Quick Flicks: ‘FNMTV’ Taping

fnmtv Quick Flicks: FNMTV Taping

The wig crypt coverage has been crazy lately, right? I keep trying to tell ya’ll you have certain quotas you have to meet at work and so do I. Baby Daniel is a beast, he’s a dog, he’s a momofukin problem.

Michelle Williams and Solange appeared at Ren-Mar Studios in Hollywood on Wednesday for a taping of MTV’s new show FNMTV. The Game and Tyga were also in the building hanging out with Pete Wentz and his baby mama.

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Party Life: Michelle Williams

 mw1.thumbnail Party Life: Michelle Williams mw3.thumbnail Party Life: Michelle Williams mw5.thumbnail Party Life: Michelle Williams mw6.thumbnail Party Life: Michelle Williams mw7.thumbnail Party Life: Michelle Williams mw21.thumbnail Party Life: Michelle Williams 

I’m paying off my outstanding debts to Agnes Dereon by posting two wig crypt entries in a row. I hope she accepts post-dated checks.

Michelle Williams managed to break the dawn and tumbled onto two red carpets last night. I wasn’t going to go at her too hard because she isn’t any where close to being as annoying as Kizzy but then she had to go and grind her bony back meat on some innocent YT man at Tenjune. You must learn!

I’m Just Saying . . .

mw Im Just Saying . . .

The wig crypt must be out on summer vacation. How else can Baby Daniel explain Solange’s new video premiering tonight on BET and the above new promo picture?

No lie, whenever I watch the scene from Hustle & Flow where Slickback tells his down ass snow bunny that she can’t be a stripper because her equilibrium is fucked up I think about Michelle Williams tipping over like a short and stout little tea kettle on 106 & Park. It’s all good though, we fall down but we get up.

Here’s to hoping that her album doesn’t go double pantyliner when its released!

[Flick via Urban Hoopla]

Star Tracks: Michelle Williams

mw 5 Star Tracks: Michelle Williams mw 4 Star Tracks: Michelle Williams mw 3 Star Tracks: Michelle Williams

It’s always a sad occurence when every time I see Michelle Williams my first thought is “who in the hell let you out of the crypt?” versus thinking “it’s great to see your face again, girl!”

Somebody is trying to get a second gig as Michelle Obama’s understudy now, eh? No hate here today, I am all for back up plans.

Shug Avery had the first lady at bingo night look under lock and key at the A Great Night In Harlem benefit concert on Thursday night. You better believe that someone made it rain on her with seed offering envelopes during the course of the evening.

Hat Trick

Kizzy Rowland was shaking her poak chops and twerking her ham hocks on stage at the 2008 Great American Gay Day when BAM! – - somebody tossed a hat at her ass. Kizzy then demanded the perp to show his face and apologize for chucking the fitted at her dome, but the damage was already done and my soul was already howling like Michelle Williams at dinner time. Long live stans and their camera phones!

Breaking Dawn In The Crypt

mw1 Breaking Dawn In The Crypt

Whenever I think of Michelle Williams I always picture her standing in front of the wig crypt gates singing “Step Into The Bad Side” dressed like Johnny Depp. One positive thing I can say about the chick is that she isn’t latched on to Bust It Creole’s right nipple like some people who shall remain nameless.

Let us all join hands in prayer that Papa Joe 2.0 promotes her upcoming album so that she doesn’t have to resort to selling ass to spread the word. The people at her church are already giving her the side-eye when she takes communion because she sings “that devil music” on the side.

Michelle shot the video for her single “We Break The Dawn” on Wednesday. Check out more flicks over at Concrete Loop.