Style Jury: Amy Winehouse

lovely11.thumbnail Style Jury: Amy Winehouse lovely2.thumbnail Style Jury: Amy Winehouse

After a short hiatus Amy Wino’s beehive is back and its better than ever! She was suppose to go see Blaaaaaake in rehab on Monday but like most crackheads without an itinerary she missed her appointment.

I see she finally decided to cash in her wig crypt coupon and pick herself up something nice. Michelle Williams’ pockets are getting fatter everyday thanks to the holiday commission incentive the Knowles have set up, but I digress. What’s your verdict on Amy’s look?

Go DJ . . . Just Go

mw4.thumbnail Go DJ . . . Just Go

Don’t be surprised if Michelle Williams actually knows what she is doing behind the turntables. When you share a bunk with DJ Skribble inside the wig crypt you are bound to pick up something.

Michelle Dubb, Free, Cherry Martinez, ANTM winner Dani Evans and others hit the scene last night in New York City to wish celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephens a happy birthday. Ursula serves as stylist to popular singers Rihanna and Keyshia Cole and dishes hair tips over CL.

mw1 Go DJ . . . Just Go  mw5 Go DJ . . . Just Go  mw3 Go DJ . . . Just Go  mw2 Go DJ . . . Just Go  mw6 Go DJ . . . Just Go

Faces From The Milk Carton

milk11 Faces From The Milk Carton

Now this is how I like to kick my Mondays off! I know Rupaul is looking a little bleh in the above picture but trust and believe that this bitch is still capable of upstaging Michelle Williams [the white girl and the one in the crypt] on her best day. Don’t you hear her calling you?

Style Jury

mw21.thumbnail Style Jury mw11.thumbnail Style Jury

The DC3 trinity is finally complete with this post! The soul of Anges Dereon will finally be able to rest after this.

Now put a ring on it.

I see you over there crossing your fingers for a nip slip from Michelle Williams! You know damn well she is a good, clean woman who gave her life to Christ many years ago at a young age. Don’t try her like that please. Michelle broke the dawn [I still can't] at Diesel’s Rock + Roll Circus [I don't like jokes] event in this black number. What’s your verdict?

Promo Trail: Michelle Williams

mw3.thumbnail Promo Trail: Michelle Williams mw1.thumbnail Promo Trail: Michelle Williams mw2.thumbnail Promo Trail: Michelle Williams

Now residents of Crunkland, I want you to reach down in the depths of your soul and pull out a kind word or two for Michelle Williams since her album is now available in stores,  online, and assorted wastelands for fuckery on this wonderful day that the Lord has made.

Check out the album cover after the jump so you will know what to look for when you are digging in the reduce price bin at Best Buy this holiday shopping season. I’m so helpful!

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Star Tracks: Michelle Williams

mw0 Star Tracks: Michelle Williams

The present gate keeper of the wig crypt is usually reduced to appearing at baby christenings, food drives, middle school football banquets, charity car washes and anything else Papa Knowles can book at the last minute but it looks like times are changing.

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