Michelle Williams Shoots Down Destiny’s Child Reunion Talk Via Twitter

michelle 1 Michelle Williams Shoots Down Destinys Child Reunion Talk Via Twitter

Michelle Williams shut down rumors that Destiny’s Child will  reunite to record an album via Twitter, saying “they took that quote [and] ran with it. I never said DC is getting back together.” Photographed shopping with Kimberly Wyatt of The Pussycat Dolls in London on Tuesday, she is looking more and more like her pappy Verdine White each and every day!

Quick Flicks: Michelle’s Opening Night

michelle williams Quick Flicks: Michelles Opening Night

Much like her other honorary creole DC3 sister Michelle Williams is trying to being great on her own over in the UK. After appearing in musicals Aida and The Color Purple over here in the Home of Synthetic Lace Fronts, she is heading to London’s West End for a six-week stint as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Get to the money! You already know the wig crypt has felt this recession twice.

Lorrell Robinson better not let Papa Joe 2.0 get wind of her comments about The Precious Blood of the Lamb not being the only one able to produce out a hit record, though. He will snatch her visa and have her cleaning crawfish in no time.

Take a look at more pictures from Michelle’s opening night after the jump.

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Quick Flicks: Kanye Treats 3,000 Public School Students

88439043.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Kanye Treats 3,000 Public School Students

Don’t go gently into the light! Raven Symone and her massive tittay cannons were among the crowd at the Kanye West S.H.O.W.S Up benefit reception and performance in Chicago on Thursday. This is the first major event for the Kanye West Foundation, founded by the late Dr. Donda West, since its creation in 2005.

Michelle Williams, who managed to escape from the wig crypt for one night only to watch Kanye Omari [say it like you mean it!] in all his splendor.

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Star Tracks: Kizzy Rowland

kizzy2.thumbnail Star Tracks: Kizzy Rowland kizzy3.thumbnail Star Tracks: Kizzy Rowland

The paparazzi recognizes her. That’s a good sign.

To say that I was concerned about Kizzy after her split from Papa Knowles’ management is an understatement. I don’t think I can deal with watching our precious Kelandria slanging slow jam compilations discs from Time Life at 4am at this point in my life. I’m sure Michelle Williams will probably end up doing that shit but Kelz deserves better.

She is more of a Pasta N’ More type of chick. She had a song with Trina, damn it. That trumps Michelle’s run on Broadway any day.

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Faces From The Milk Carton: Cousin Angie B!

84678800.thumbnail Faces From The Milk Carton: Cousin Angie B!

I rock with Cousin Angie B! and her always  present red lipstick but I can’t help but notice that the long  hours she is pulling inside of the wig crypt are beginning to show like Tina’s gray roots.  The life and times of a wig carrier, damn shame. She’s been there to help Beyonce fill out  bank desposit slips and to hand Solange her glowsticks, now she is hanging out with Michelle at basketball games?

Luckily for her she will probably be recognized at Oprah Tyra’s Legend Ball for being an outstanding assistant. Whenever that happens.

Your Daily Tang Multivitamin x Casket Sharp

bobby1.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin x Casket Sharp bobby3.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin x Casket Sharp bobby2.thumbnail Your Daily Tang Multivitamin x Casket Sharp

I will always appreciate and cherish Bobby Trendy for bringing his special brand of zest into my household every Sunday night on The Anna Nicole Show. I hadn’t been properly exposed to tang at that point in my life but thanks to his love for all things pink and glittery [including men?] I was up to date on my booster shots by the end of the first season.

You know how people say behind every fabulous woman is a gay man? Well, I wonder who Bobby stands behind nowadays. I’ve tried to push him in the shadows of Michelle Williams but you can’t help those who don’t want it. Girl bye!