When Instagram Ain’t Enough: Toya And Memphitz Tease New Reality Series

memphitz toya reality show When Instagram Aint Enough: Toya And Memphitz Tease New Reality Series

All it takes is a family member following you around with a flip-cam and a few poorly-lit confessionals on your sofa and you too can have your own reality series. Just ask Mickey “Memphitz” Wright and his wife Toya Wright.

It has been speculated by your cousins living outside I-285 for a while now that the couple has been filming a reality show showcasing their life as a blended family, and now a sneak peek at the forthcoming series, tentatively titled ‘Toya & Memphitz: Crazy In Love’, has surfaced.

Will the show prove that The Harrises aren’t the only family capable of getting their hustle on? Probably not, but we will be sure to wish them the best the next time we spot them in the food court at South Dekalb Mall. Unless you are K. Michelle go ahead and hit play after the jump.

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Toya Wright Dishes On Why She Dissed ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

toya12 Toya Wright Dishes On Why She Dissed Real Housewives of Atlanta

If you ain’t getting money then you ain’t got nothing for Toya Wright.

MempHiTz’ wife tells Sister 2 Sister Magazine she ain’t time for horse mouth or moose face – I’ll let you guess which description belongs to who – so ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ will not be added to her resume.

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Don’t know if you remember, or if anybody tuned in, but Toya got a stamp on her hood pass with a BET reality show ‘Toya: A Family Affair.”

“I interviewed for the ‘Housewives,’ but I’m so used to doing shows with my producer, James DuBose, and being an executive producer on a show so I’m able to see how they portray me,” Toya tells S2S.

“With the producers it’s about making good TV and some of them don’t really care about your personal life, as long as it’s something interesting for the cameras and something they can take to the next level to make juicy, they’re going to do it.”

Courtside Kickin’ It

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K. Michelle Is Going To Tell Her Story — And You Will Listen!

Image17 K. Michelle Is Going To Tell Her Story    And You Will Listen!

Your favorite ratchet lounge singer K. Michelle of ‘Love & Cigarillos: Atlanta’ fame sat down with The Breakfast Club to tell her story — again.

After the jump, watch the M-Town goonette continue her campaign to snatch away Toya Wright’s Louisiana Purchase card, describe the craziness of dealing with Memphitz, and her beef with Karlie Redd. She also explains how God told Mase to move her to Atlanta. You can read that last sentence twice but it’s not going to change.

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Watch This: K. Michelle Comes For Toya Wright’s Louisiana Purchase Card

toya1 Watch This: K. Michelle Comes For Toya Wrights Louisiana Purchase Card

Always the lady, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ hoodrat lounge singer K. Michelle has refrained from making disparaging comments about Toya Wright in the media* despite all the shade throwing — until now.

*Don’t come for my MacBook Pro, that’s what your fancy cousins call Sister 2 Sister magazine and blogs like the one you are visiting right now these days. I just run with it.

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Tamar Braxton Issues Cease & Desist Letter To K. Michelle Over Twitter ‘Muppet’ Shade And More

tamar11 Tamar Braxton Issues Cease & Desist Letter To K. Michelle Over Twitter Muppet Shade And More

Tamar Braxton is known to keep-it-real-dot-com but it looks like someone else might be coming for that domain name.

When Vh1’s own version of ‘Young and Restless’ meets ‘Poetic Justice’ premiered last Monday, the children of Twitter eyes were glued to their televisions — and their fingers were set to read on demand.

Singer K. Michelle claimed on the inaugural episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ that ex-boyfriend Mickey “Memphitz” Wright was allegedly a fan of saying I love you with his fist, but the real shade came from the reality show debuting around the time of his first wedding anniversary with wife Toya Wright.  Get money, Mona!

As the episode aired, close friends Toya and Tamar (since Tiny is too busy pimping the OMG Girlz for Gucci this and Gucci that) shaded K. Michelle in the tweets about living in a fairytale, eventually prompting the Antwone Fisher of M-Town to jump in the mix herself with the snarky response ‘I like Toni better!’ Who doesn’t?

K. Michelle then called into TT Torrez’ radio show on iPower Richmond to let it be known the goons hop fences in her part of the woods. Play with it.

Keeping Up With The Braxtons

Tamar, who doesn’t take kind to Twitter threats, recently issued a cease and desist order from her New York lawyers over the internet thugging. Hear that Lil Kim? You better save those Khia mentions.

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Memphitz Confronts K. Michelle Abuse Rumors: “I Don’t Fight Women”

memphitz11 Memphitz Confronts K. Michelle Abuse Rumors: “I Dont Fight Women”

It’s a battle of she said/he said between K. Michelle and Memphitz.

Last Monday, over one million viewers tuned in for the season premiere of ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ and watched singer K. Michelle recall tragic details of a abusive relationship with her former producer.

Although she never revealed her abuser’s name on the show, Twitter went ablaze wondering what industry woman-beater was she referring to.

Enter the husband of reality star Toya Wright from ‘Tiny & Toya’ fame (yes, we said fame), who would eventually break his silence later in the week, tweeting “As I was installing the Teeth, Titties & Ass you’re Flaunting, I forget to tell you about the Growing Nose,” along with an illustration of Pinocchio. Ouch.

The former A&R for Jive Records spoke out today for what he says will be his one and only interview with TT Torrez on iPower 92.1.

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