Mathew Knowles’ Alleged Baby Mama Releases Statement

baby mama zps6c1bb53f Mathew Knowles Alleged Baby Mama Releases Statement

Mathew Knowles is the new Daquan.

Instead of taking the words of Webbie to heart when he rapped “I’m up in H-Town, I’m trying to use a rubber tonight,” the patriarch of the Knowles Klan refuses to strap up when creating rockets and waterfalls.

The 63-year-old has been hit with a second paternity suit, this time around by a lingerie-model-turned-real-estate-agent.

Court documents reportedly filed by Taqoya Branscomb at a Houston area court allege that Daddy Matty fathered her daughter who was born four years ago. The 30-year-old mother is allegedly petitioning for a DNA test to determine paternity, as well as child support and attorney fees for her legal team.

Branscomb released the following statement to several media outlets:

“First I’d like to thank my family, my friends, and the public for their love and support. I have taken the necessary legal action against Mathew Knowles. With that being said it’s in my best interest for this to remain a private matter for now. Above all I am a mother and my daughter’s well being is my only priority. It was never my intention for this to become a public matter. The pictures you see are in no way a representation of who I am. They were taken 10 years ago. And I am now a hard working successful single mother. Honestly I just want what is best for my daughter.”

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Mathew Knowles Granted Cut In Child Support

mathew knowles child support payment zps0ab9bde9 Mathew Knowles Granted Cut In Child Support

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

A judge ruled in favor of Matthew Knowles’ request to have his child support payments decreased because his income dropped after daughter Beyonce dropped him as her manager in 2011. 

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge slashed the monthly payment amount Papa Joe 2.0 must fork over to Alexsandra Wright from $12,000 to $25,000. The payments are for the son he fathered with the actress while he was still married to Tina Knowles.

Earlier this year, Knowles sought a reduction in his child support payments. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon agreed with Knowles’ attorneys that his income had changed, but ordered him to pay $15,000 for Wright’s legal fees.

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Madame Lobster Bisque Sr. filed for divorce in December 2009, about a month after Daddy Matty was mentioned in Wright’s paternity case. At the time, the pair had been married for nearly 30 years. Knowles remarried in June 2013 to former model Gena Charmaine Avery but Beyonce and Solange skipped the wedding, citing previous engagements. *snickers*

Side Chick Soliloquy: Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Speaks Out

baby mama Side Chick Soliloquy: Mathew Knowles Baby Mama Speaks Out

The Baby Mama Chapter of Broke Phi Broke can’t seem to catch a break this quarter.

Mathew Knowles‘ baby mama Alexsandra Wright took a dollar cab down to Inside Edition recently to speak out against Knowles for turning her life into a K. Michelle song. Well, would you look at that. I’m fresh out of sympathy. Try back later this week.

For whatever asinine reason, Alexsandra believed that her pussy stood a chance against the longstanding power of a roots box. She engaged in a 18-month long affair with Mathew while he was still married to Tina Knowles. That was her first fuck up.

Fuck up #2 occured when she laid back and caught Mathew’s baby batter as “Pushin’ Inside of You” by Sons of Funk played in the background. Currently, he owes $32,000 in court ordered child support. In the meanwhile, Wright has been “forced” (catch that quotation marks shade) to get on food stamps to take care of Nixon.

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How Dreadful: Gospel Artists Continue To Leave Mathew Knowles’ Music World Record Label

shady mathew How Dreadful: Gospel Artists Continue To Leave Mathew Knowles’ Music World Record Label

As the world awaits the grand debut of Nixon Knowles on big sister Beyonce’s Tumblr, the industry is quietly buzzing that Mathew Knowles‘ Music World record label is in the middle of a disaster.

This month, duo Trin-I-tee 5:7 joined the growing list of gospel artists who have dissolved their relationship with the company.

Though the reason for their departure has been on the hush, a source tells that group members Chanelle Hayes and Angel Taylor were left outside of this year’s BET Awards ticket-less because “Mathew used their tickets at the last minute without telling them.” Trin-I-tee 5:7 did ultimately get into the show, but only because a BET employee came to rescue them after a “long and embarrassing” ordeal.

Raggedy. Just raggedy.

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Surprise! Mathew Knowles Says There Is New Destiny’s Child Music On The Way, Hopes For A Reunion Tour

mathew knowles Surprise! Mathew Knowles Says There Is New Destinys Child Music On The Way, Hopes For A Reunion Tour

Pin your stocking to the fireplace a little early!

If Mathew Knowles gets his way there will be two new Destiny’s Child albums coming your way this Christmas.

In his interview with Black Voices, Miss Tina’s ex-hubby brags about Music World being one of the top Gospel labels in the nation, what will be on the new Destiny’s Child album, and speaks on his high hopes that DC3 will reunite for a tour.

Let’s hope Michelle has been practicing the choreography during all of these off years.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Music World. What are your plans to ensure that you’ll be successful for years to come?

We have to be realistic. At Music World we got to shift our direction and certainly stay in music. We’ve grown our Music World Gospel to the fifth largest Gospel label in America. But again, even for the label, we got to partner up. It’s similar to what’s happening in corporate America back in the ’80s. You saw a lot of mergers and acquisitions. We have to be smart in who we can partner with to do it better. We still have our joint venture with Sony and in November we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material. So we’re going to start doing strategic things like that.

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Buzz Notes: Mathew Knowles A Daddy Again, Tension Between NeNe & Greg?

buzz notes Buzz Notes: Mathew Knowles A Daddy Again, Tension Between NeNe & Greg?

  • A DNA test has confirmed that Matthew Knowles is the father of Alexsandra Wright’s baby boy Nixon and the winner of the premature ejaculation lottery. Sources tell TMZ that Wright and Knowles are in the final stages of negotiating the child support payments for Honey Bee’s new baby brother. Wright filed a paternity suit last October against Knowles — who was temporarily ordered to pay $8,200 in monthly child support.
  • Disillusioned Atlanta socialite Nene Leakes is at it again. A source [probably Dwight] tell the AJC Buzz the wonky eyed wookie is has been having marital woes since the arrest of eldest son Bryson. Continue reading