Mariah Carey Parts Ways With Manager Jermaine Dupri

mariah zps1927c431 Mariah Carey Parts Ways With Manager Jermaine Dupri

It’s The Emancipation of Mimi of over again, bitches.

Mariah Carey has split with her manager,  longtime friend and frequent collaborator  Jermaine Dupri.

“I’m a very hands-on person when it comes to my work,” Dupri told Billboard in a statement. “I put my all into every project. But when I’m not allowed to do what I do, then I know it’s time for me to move on. Mariah and I enjoy working together and will continue to make great music together in the future.”

The management shift comes less than three months after ‘Me. I Am Mariah . . . The Elusive Chanteuse’ (I laugh every time I read that extra-ass title, too) failed to dominate the charts. Despite being well-received by critics, the album has only moved 103,000 units since its release in May.

Mimi hired JD as her manager in 2013 after parting ways with Randy Jackson. She is now working closely with Kevin Liles, who was president of Def Jam during her stint at the label and currently manages Trey Songz and Ty Dolla $ign.

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Jermaine Dupri Doesn’t Appreciate You Blaming Him For Mariah Carey’s Recent Shortcomings

162655014 zps1afd5750 Jermaine Dupri Doesnt Appreciate You Blaming Him For Mariah Careys Recent Shortcomings

Times were much easier when Jermaine Dupri was hitting The Chickenhead in the “Right Thurr” remix video but the past is the past. In today’s world, fans of longtime friend and collaborator Mariah Carey want his head.

In an open letter posted on his Global 14 website, he acknowledges complaints from the Elusive Champagne Guzzler’s lambs. (He was announced as her manager last October.)

“Okay enough is enough!! I can’t continue to let you think, what you see or don’t see is a result of me not knowing what I’m doing,” he wrote. “This is bigger than me and in the music business things don’t go as fast as you would always like them to.”

“If you know my history, you know I want to go down as one of the greatest produces of all times,” he continued. “I want to be mentioned with the greats like Berry Gordy and Clive Davis when people talk about putting out artist.”

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Mariah Carey Lights Up The Empire State Building For Valentine’s Day

mariah1 Mariah Carey Lights Up The Empire State Building For Valentines Day

Dressed to perfection in the event she decided to later attend a Winter Wonderland themed Quinceañera, Mariah Carey was on hand to light the roof of the Empire State Building red and pink in honor of the annual Valentine’s Day wedding event Love Above All ceremony on Thursday (February 13) in New York City.

The 43-year-old singer, who stayed busy on the promo trail this week in support of her new single “You’re Mine (Eternal)”, played cupid for three couples who were chosen to wed at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. Check out the music video for the track after the jump!

mariah3 Mariah Carey Lights Up The Empire State Building For Valentines Day
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Quick Quotes: Keri Hilson, Mariah Carey, And Kenya Moore

quick quotes Quick Quotes: Keri Hilson, Mariah Carey, And Kenya Moore

“This is going to be an interesting Valentine’s Day. That’s all I’ll say. It’s going to be interesting. I’m working, I’m just busy, I’m busy. I feel like right now, music is my boyfriend. That’s how I feel, right now. So, I don’t know . . . Know who you are. Never drop your standards, for anyone. That’s it. And I mean that in every since of the relationship. Business, you know whatever, if there’s a certain standard that you uphold, and you’re so strong-minded. There are some things that you [can] tweak in a relationship, but not your standard. Not that.”

Keri Hilson opens about her recent breakup with NBA baller Serge Ibaka to The Jasmine Brand, tells women not to lower their standard in relationships

Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For The Party” Lawsuit Win Over Kandi Burruss Leads The Morning Buzz Notes

kim kandi Kim Zolciaks Tardy For The Party Lawsuit Win Over Kandi Burruss Leads The Morning Buzz Notes

Five months after Kandi Buruss sued her ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ co-star Kim Zolciak for making a profit off the 2009 floptastic single “Tardy For The Party”, a Georgia judge ruled in Zolciak’s favor.

Responding with her own legal docs, Kim claimed that the Grammy-winning songwriter (and don’t you ever forget it) used the lawsuit as a publicity stunt to promote her now-canceled show ‘The Kandi Factory.’


Mariah Carey took to Facebook last week to give her devoted “lambs” an update on the release of her upcoming album and detail what the road to recovery has been like since dislocating her shoulder in July.

Getting through this injury has been the toughest experience of my life,” the 43-year-old singer wrote on Friday.

Break out the world’s smallest violin.

Just hours after it was announced that Deion Sanders was fired from his own Dallas-area charter prep school, he was re-hired.

According to reports, the former NFL star became upset that some student athletes enrolled at Prime Prep Academy were not performing well academically. The school’s chief financial officer accused Sanders of grabbing him by the throat and throwing him to the ground at an after-school meeting. Well damn.

“The person claiming assault is a fake administrator whom does absolutely nothing to help the school kids or teachers reach our goals,” Sanders tweeted on Thursday.

Before he was initially dismissed, Sanders expressed his frustrations to a local news station, pointing the finger at his business partner and school co-founder.”D.L. Wallace is no good,” he vented. “He’s a snake. He ain’t no good. All he is there for is money.”

Quick Quotes: Lee Daniels On Criticism That Mariah Carey Was Too Light-Skinned To Play A Sharecropper

mariah carey hattie mae the butler Quick Quotes: Lee Daniels On Criticism That Mariah Carey Was Too Light Skinned To Play A Sharecropper

In an exclusive one-on-one with entertainment editor Clay Cane, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lee Daniels defends the decision to cast Mariah Carey as a sharecropper in his historical drama ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’, due in theaters this Friday, August 16.

Watch the controversial director weigh-in on the Travyvon Martin case, LGBT rights and more in the interview after the jump.

A word of advice: Try not to stare at Lee’s sporadically-placed-nonetheless-softer-than-an-angel’s-kiss chest hair for the entire duration of the clip.

‘The Butler’ Press Conference | 5 photos

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