Quick Quotes: Rasheeda Keeps It Trill About ‘Marry Me’ Video

rasheeda1 Quick Quotes: Rasheeda Keeps It Trill About Marry Me Video

Take the standard price of a Popeyes value meal. Now divide it in half. The remaining amount is exactly the budget set in place for the “Marry Me” recording session and music video. Talk about squeezing blood out a turnip.

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, veteran rapper (believe it or not, she’s been at this for almost two decades) Rasheeda says although the visual “met her expectations about 80%” it didn’t completely hit its mark.

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“My concept for the video was supposed to be like a female Hangover. Me and my girls are out kicking it the night before I get married,” said Rasheeda.

“I kind of wanted the story to fall into place a little bit better but for the most part people got it. But you know, I was just looking for a little more.”

I like Rasheeda and have nothing but respect for her determination as an artist … it’s just that, well, at this point in the game she may be better suited as one of Derek J’s hair models at his next Bronner Bros battle.

Was that a messed up thing to say? Just speaking from the heart. Here’s the thing, I actually like the woman — as a person.

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Lil’ Scrappy On Being Depicted As A Deadbeat Dad: ‘Yean Gne Slander Me’

scrap erica Lil Scrappy On Being Depicted As A Deadbeat Dad: Yean Gne Slander Me

The asthmatic Prince of the South Kroger’s parking lot has a bone to pick with the producers of ‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’ and his baby mama Erica Dixon.

PHOTOS: Check out more ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ pictures

Scrappy Doo, who will undoubtedly go down in the history books for being the first rapper on a reality television to hire a car service to provide transportation to an ass whooping, took to his Twitter account to weigh-in on looking the  deadbeat fool on this week’s episode — and he didn’t even need Momma Dee’s signature for a permission slip.

“I know y’all feel one way but I feel another u don’t know wut go on behind the cam,” Scrappy vented. “Man just for that lying an actin on #LHHATL again I’m def gone drop the bomb on the reunion about this. I done always took care of mine.”

“We turnt up but just kn(o)w every action has a reaction, y’all r just catchin my reaction to some that happen that u didn’t c but fuck it,” he continued. “Aint nobody walkinn out squeeky baby an(d) I can’t wait til yall knw, yean gne slander me like I aint been the one providing.”

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Reality Rewind: Rasheeda Gets A Free Reading From Deb Antney

deb1 Reality Rewind: Rasheeda Gets A Free Reading From Deb Antney

Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’s reigning pussy pat queen Rasheeda stirred up a whirlwind of trouble last night when she revealed to her husband/manager Kirk Frost that she had a consultation about how her career is going, and bringing in new management.

After meeting with CEO/Founder of Mizzy Ent. Deb Antney – known in the hood as Waka Flocka’s mama - the cards revealed Rasheeda’s management deal with Kirk is the reason there is no heavenly matrimony with a major label.

Still no word on why Deb’s 27-piece weave was on her head tighter than my Dereon jeans.

“I been down with you since day one through the trenches til today making sure you’re relevant. And, for you to say this to me puts me in a real funny place. How can you fix your mouth to me to say these words?” Kirk appealed to Rasheeda.

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Watch This: Joseline Hernandez Performs ‘Bailar’ Live

The universal language of ass twerkin’ doesn’t require Rosetta Stone.

Knowing this, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ ratchet du jour Joseline Hernandez (Adam 4 Adam username Ms. Joseline) makes sure to enunciates every syllable in her reggaeton song “Bailar” — say it two times! Don’t everybody exit the site and log on iTunes at once.

Steebie J’s one true desire performed the MiGente-approved track in front of an actual audience consisting of people and not stuffed animals over the weekend. Watch her wag that tail to the beat above.

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Photo-chopped And Screwed: Momma Dee’s Glam Shots

md1 Photo chopped And Screwed: Momma Dees Glam Shots

My chick bad, looking like a bag of groceries.

One of your cousins captured the essence of Momma Dee‘s true beauty (while making sure to leave her mustache behind) and give their blur tool in photoshop a mighty workout in the exclusive photo shoot posted on the reality queen’s newly launched website, Tha Real Momma Dee.

Frankie better book her Derek Blanks’ alter ego photo shoot if she wants to compete. Maybe NeNe has a coupon code she can redeem.

| via Miss Jia

Snapshots! Rasheeda Hosts Screening Party For ‘Marry Me’ Video

marry me Snapshots! Rasheeda Hosts Screening Party For Marry Me Video

On an upcoming episode of ‘Love & Cigarillos: Atlanta’ rap chick Rasheeda hosts a screening event for her music video “Marry Me.” Again, I’ll see the rest of you at the Grammys.

Peep pictures of the Boss Chick serving excessive glittery eye shadow tease with friends Kandi Burruss, Toya Wright, Eboni Elektra and Sheree Whitfield courtesy of Freddy O below.

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