Quick Quote: Emily B. Is Done With Being Compared To Mimi Faust

your face11 Quick Quote: Emily B. Is Done With Being Compared To Mimi Faust

Any fan of ‘Love & Cigarellos: Atlanta’ will see that the love triangle that Mimi Faust faces with her baby daddy Steebie J and his side piece man Joseline Hernandez draws comparison to that of Emily B. and Fabolous from the original series.

Sure, Steebie J doesn’t have a tooth that is shaped like the shape of Texas and Emily doesn’t have to worry about waking up back in the strip club everyday, but we here in Crunktastical remember how to stack similarities side-by-side when necessary.

“You know I get a little upset when they compare characters because I’m nothing like any of those women. My story is not like any of those stories. I don’t see Fab in any of those men in that show at all,” Emily B. says.

“No offense to them, but nobody knows [how it is]. Y’all get to see the Stevie J’s and the Lil’ Scrappy’s and nobody really knows who Fab is or what he does or what he’s about. People just make assumptions and it really bothers me because he was never on camera for you to make that assumption so people really don’t know.”

Emily B. Attends VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul

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Watch This: K. Michelle Comes For Toya Wright’s Louisiana Purchase Card

toya1 Watch This: K. Michelle Comes For Toya Wrights Louisiana Purchase Card

Always the lady, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ hoodrat lounge singer K. Michelle has refrained from making disparaging comments about Toya Wright in the media* despite all the shade throwing — until now.

*Don’t come for my MacBook Pro, that’s what your fancy cousins call Sister 2 Sister magazine and blogs like the one you are visiting right now these days. I just run with it.

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Reality Rewind: Stevie J Admits He’s A Liar And Reveals Why He Cheated

mimi steevie Reality Rewind: Stevie J Admits He’s A Liar And Reveals Why He Cheated

‘Love & Cigarillo: Atlanta’ recap time!

Last night the producers demanded we pay attention to Karlie Redd’s strut. Why does it look like she ran out of pads and she borrowed a tampon from somebody? Ol’ girl ain’t used to something strong sitting up in her cat like that.

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Karlie also received a free reading from Benzino about the Celsius and Fahrenheit variations of her music career: “If you want to let them guide your life and everything got to be hot n’ cold or whatever, they need to get you a hit motherfucking record. It’s not like you so motherfucking hot yourself either.”

The bread and butter of this week’s episode is the therapy session between Stevie J and Mimi Faust.

After wooing her with an original song in his best Jodeci get up, Stevie confessed to Mimi and Dr. Jeff Gardere that he is a liar. Stevie also revealed he hasn’t seen his mom since he was eight months old. But what you didn’t see is Stevie J reveal why he cheated.

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‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’ Episode 7 Sneak Peek

table ‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’ Episode 7 Sneak Peek

On this weeks episode of ‘Love & Cigarillo: Atlanta’ hoodrat lounge singer K. Martchelle invites Mimi Faust to the recording studio to hear a song she has penned about Mimi’s current mess with Steebie J and Joseline Hernandez. Guess she could only write so many diss records about Memphitz and Tamar Braxton without fear of having her teeth and ass repossessed.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd meets up with a member of her management team — who we couldn’t find on the Cash Money roster. He advises her to stop wasting time with Benzino and to bunny hop her deflating by the day ass back into the studio.

Rasheeda Hosts Screening Party For ‘Marry Me’ Video | view gallery

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No Shade Today: Somaya Reece

somaya after1 No Shade Today: Somaya Reece
Asbestos free environments does a body good!

Once merely a little Latin boy in drag, Somaya Reece is a candidate for some major motor boating. To her credit, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ rapper is looking a lot like her former, smokin’ hot let-me-add-you-on-Myspace-but-the-hell-with-your-music self. Dialing it back a bit on make-up and a breast reduction is sometimes all a girl needs.

Below, check out additional flicks of Somaya, Jennifer Williams, Ginuwine and more inside New York City’s Limelight Marketplace last week.

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Quick Quotes: Rasheeda Keeps It Trill About ‘Marry Me’ Video

rasheeda1 Quick Quotes: Rasheeda Keeps It Trill About Marry Me Video

Take the standard price of a Popeyes value meal. Now divide it in half. The remaining amount is exactly the budget set in place for the “Marry Me” recording session and music video. Talk about squeezing blood out a turnip.

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, veteran rapper (believe it or not, she’s been at this for almost two decades) Rasheeda says although the visual “met her expectations about 80%” it didn’t completely hit its mark.

PHOTOS: Check out more ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ pictures

“My concept for the video was supposed to be like a female Hangover. Me and my girls are out kicking it the night before I get married,” said Rasheeda.

“I kind of wanted the story to fall into place a little bit better but for the most part people got it. But you know, I was just looking for a little more.”

I like Rasheeda and have nothing but respect for her determination as an artist … it’s just that, well, at this point in the game she may be better suited as one of Derek J’s hair models at his next Bronner Bros battle.

Was that a messed up thing to say? Just speaking from the heart. Here’s the thing, I actually like the woman — as a person.

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