Quick Flicks: Fabolous, Emily B And More Celebrate ‘R.E.D.’ Release With Ne-Yo

vh1 Quick Flicks: Fabolous, Emily B And More Celebrate R.E.D. Release With Ne Yo

When ass falls through the house everybody else sits down. The leading lady in Ne-Yo‘s life, fiancée Moneyetta Shaw, took a moment to pose with ‘Love & Hip Hop’ personality Emily B at an intimate dinner to celebrate the release of Go-Go’s ‘R.E.D.’ album at Valbella restaurant in New York City last night.

In conjunction with President Obama’s re-election campaign, Ne-Yo participated in the all-star group that recorded “Forward” as a grassroots effort to motivate and inspire nationwide voter participation.

“Forward” is available for free download at www.forwardsong.com and sold on iTunes with net proceeds donated to Ne-Yo’s Compound Foundation and to Arts Education programs focused on turning around arts and music-based programs in public schools.

Check out more chummy moments from Ne-Yo, Moneyetta, Emily, Fabolous (who looked thrilled to be in attendance!) and others inside.

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Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J And Sheneka Adams Support The Arts At Diamonds Of Atlanta

club1 Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J And Sheneka Adams Support The Arts At Diamonds Of Atlanta

How have you been coping with the absence of Joseline, Stevie J, Mimi and the rest of the crew from your Monday nights? I organize the clothing items in my closet by descending order while listening to Spotify. I also weep silently sometimes. Jesus told his disciples to watch and pray. I’m just following in the tradition of multitasking until order has been restored.

This week, the Ozzie and Harriet of Greenbriar Mall hit the strip club to participate in making it it precipitate dollars. Model Sheneka Adams also joined in on the fun.

Click through the gallery. | Pictures courtesy of Prince Williams

Oh, Okay: Ariane From ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Slept With Memphitz Too

ari 1051 Oh, Okay: Ariane From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Slept With Memphitz Too

You can add Memphitz‘s penis to the list of common denominators among the female cast members of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ right under Stevie J’s bus tokens and lack of good common sense.

Ariane Davis, the on-screen bestie of Mimi Faust, tells Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club that although she fooled around in between the sheets with the former music executive she doesn’t exactly constitute bumping uglies as dating. Neither do I!

“He wasn’t relevant to me, and so for him to bring it up now — like, why now?” questioned Ariana on whether or not Memphitz brought their old bedroom arrangement to hurt K.Michelle. ”You’re going to talk about every other woman you slept with in Atlanta? Why are you doing it now?”

The former stylist for T-Pain also says she’s refusing to take sides between K. Michelle and Memphitz.

“I don’t want to say I don’t believe either one of them because he told me his story, too, and so did she, personally,” said Ariane, who also added Memphitz never physically abused her. “It’s like, who do you believe or what do you believe?”

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Watch This: Mona Scott-Young Talks To Steebie J’s Other Clean Up Woman

Oprah Winfrey could never have a sew-in this laid! For her one-on-one interview with ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ cast members, Mona Scott-Young serves Adina Howard realness with Creme Of Nature on the sides fused with Lotta Body on the bangs! The edges don’t seem to be require Naomi Campbell life support — yet.

José Olé, were you excited for your candid catch up?

Sip Ep7 1344892132 Watch This: Mona Scott Young Talks To Steebie Js Other Clean Up Woman Sip Ep7 1344892132 Watch This: Mona Scott Young Talks To Steebie Js Other Clean Up Woman
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Watch This: Karlie Redd Talks ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Reunion

With plentiful servings of Steebie J’s threesome love triangle drama, K. Michelle living to tell her story over and over and Rasheeda‘s sideburns constantly stealing her spotlight,  fans of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ still aren’t ready to push away from the table. What junk food television lacks in nutritional value it makes up in taste!

As an appetizer for tonight’s reunion ratchetness, watch Karlie Redd praise Mona Scott-Young for giving the cast a platform for all the messiness we lived for every Monday night, explain her Cash Money Records affiliation and more during her chat with Vlad TV.

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Watch This: ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Cartoon Parody

Can’t wait to get your weekly fix of Love and Hip Atlanta tonight? Hopefully this animated spoof would get you through the day!

If BET had a sister Cartoon Network, this would be their money maker right after ‘Cita’s World: Reloaded.’ We have too many quotes from this video but won’t ruin the fun.