Watch The Extended Super Trailer For Season 3 Of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’

lhha3 zpsbc159aaf Watch The Extended Super Trailer For Season 3 Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Friends, Romans, and country niggas, lend me your ears. There’s finally a lead on one of life’s most challenging questions — Who is desperate enough to give Yung Joc some ass in exchange for an all-access pass at Birthday Bash 19?

Well, you can go ahead and pay your cable bill balance in full now. As we previously reported, ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ returns on May 5th at 8PM ET/PT.

Moments from the extended trailer include Kirk taking a secret paternity test to determine if he is the father of Rasheeda‘s baby boy, Joseline and Stevie J settling in their lavish new home, Waka Flocka Flame‘s fiancé Tami becoming acquainted with the crew,  Karlie Redd‘s new romance with Yung Joc, the aftermath from Mimi and Niko filming a sex tape, Lil Scrappy‘s complicated bachelor life, and Benzino being shot.

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Instagram Stalking: Amina Buddafly’s Baby Bump Is Bigger Than Her Career

amina5 zps5c50c691 Instagram Stalking: Amina Buddaflys Baby Bump Is Bigger Than Her Career

One of the main benefits (okay, only) of choosing not to swallow is being able to take cute baby bump pictures like Amina Buddafly does while spending her days on Instagram until the new season of ‘Love & Hip Hop Damn Atlanta Not Back Yet, Who Are These Niggas?’ starts filming.

I’m sure she has a baby registry at Target or Burlington Coat so I personally challenge you all to be good sports. Buy her a gift and write it off as charitable donation on your taxes.

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Style Jury: Yandy Smith Is A Genie Outside A Bottle

yandy smith Style Jury: Yandy Smith Is A Genie Outside A Bottle

Crank that old ass Christina Aguilera. ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Yandy Smith served ‘I Dream of My Baby Daddy Being Exonerated By The Feds’ tease through fashion for a club appearance in Dubai last week. What’s your verdict on her look?

Check out more looks from Yandy’s vacation below.

Quick Quotes: Erica Mena Dismisses Talk That She’s Bisexual For Male Attention

erica mena Quick Quotes: Erica Mena Dismisses Talk That Shes Bisexual For Male Attention

Last season, fans of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ followed Erica Mena as she attempted to launch a music career by playing up her relationship with then on-again-way-the-fuck-off-again manager Rich Dollaz. This time around the hot tempered Latina model’s new love interest is an equally attractive model name Cyn Santana and she’s penning a book titled ‘Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette: The Girl Factor’ detailing her experiences with both sexes. Listen, we all have bills.

Check out excerpts from her interview with Vibe below.

Her response to people saying that she is only dating girls for male attention:

“I think it’s funny because that’s the moment you take the time to put into perspective how crucial, incredible and foolish society is. I don’t think it’s accepted naturally to be bisexual, especially as a woman. So I expect that, but I also have the time to laugh at it because it is what it is. It makes me laugh because whether they believe it or not this is what you have to accept, this is what is going to be on your TV every Monday night. I think what people have to just naturally give me the respect for is the fact that me being a woman and no matter what I’ve done, fault to mistakes or right to wrong, that I’m able to step out and be like, ‘This is who I am and this is who I love to be with. This is what it is, this is my life. I’m on a reality show so you get what you get.’”

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Gossip: Mona Scott-Young Allegedly Furious Over Cast Leaks

mona scott Gossip: Mona Scott Young Allegedly Furious Over Cast Leaks

Mona Scott-Young is allegedly livid about cast details for the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ franchise cities Houston, New Orleans and Los Angeles leaking online. According to a well placed source (or as I like to call him, the weed man):

“Mona threatened that if she finds out who leaked the potential cast she will fire them because they all signed a confidentiality contract. The reason for Mona’s anger was because she was trying to work things out with a few of the potential cast members like Karrueche who was interested in the show if she could promote her ‘The Kill’ line, but had not discussed the proposal with Chris yet.”

“Needless to say Chris was not happy when he got word via the internet that Karrueche was in talks to possibly join the show without talking it over with him first. And Karrueche didn’t know Chris ex Jasmine Sanders was in talks to be on the show either.”

Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Attend The BET Hip Hop Awards 2013

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Yes, You Care: Nancy “Mama” Jones Snags Book Deal, Set To Release Romance Guide

mama jones Yes, You Care: Nancy Mama Jones Snags Book Deal, Set To Release Romance Guide

Never mind Nasir. The Secret Squirrel Lady is the real Dr. Knockboot.

Mother of rapper Jim Jones and ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Nancy “Mama” Jones has signed a book deal with Wahida Clark Publishing to release her manual on dating and love.

In penning the non-fiction book sure to be reviewed by O Magazine, Mama Jones aims to teach readers to “love wisely.”

“There are some things that real women just wouldn’t do,” Mama Jones explains in a press release for the book set to be released October 18. “I outline a lady code to reinforce the ethics of real women. And I’m going to teach you young brothers a thing or two.”

I don’t know how you feel about taking advice from someone who lives in a constant state of paranoia because they have dyed their hair with kool-aid and now fear the chance of unexpected rain but I’m booked like Kelly Price. | XXL