Quick Flicks: Lil’ Kim

57378290kdanick57200922224pm.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Lil Kim

Lil’ Kim and her Dancing With The Stars partner  Derek Hough gyrated their respective kitty kats on the set of Live With Regis and Kelly today in Miami. All that plastic, all that heat. Tap dance for that check, girl.

Her bionic booty wasn’t enough to save her from being eliminated from the competition earlier this week. She remained upbeat about her time on “Dancing with the Stars,” despite her departure. “This is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever experienced in my life,” she said afterward.

Funny. I didn’t know Kimberly was fluent in creole speak.

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Making The Video: Lil’ Kim’s “Download”

I don’t know why female rappers are even trying nowadays. We have Geisha now. She brings way more to the table than pussy popping and a sharp delivery. She is educating us, her legion of fans, on how to enhance our beauty with quick weaves. And get tah da moneys.

To the rest of you femcees [including my incense burning sisters] I ask, what have you done for me lately?

In Case You Missed It: Lil’ Kim Tangos To The Top

Lil Kim and her tangy partner Derek Hough earned their first 10 from Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli on Monday night. I’m going to reserve my comments about her plastic mug for another day since she killed it. I’m still trying to hit the booty-do properly!

Quick Flicks: Dirty Diana + Lil’ Kim

diana ross 5 wenn2344851.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Dirty Diana + Lil Kim

The birthday girl is here! Diana Ross and her partly cloudy mouth hit the grocery store earlier today to pick up a few things. Damn what everybody else has  to say, I think she looks good. In a petrified wood sort of way.

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Lil’ Kim’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

kim1.thumbnail Lil Kims Dont Ask, Dont Tell Policy kim2.thumbnail Lil Kims Dont Ask, Dont Tell Policy

Lil’ Kim was all grins and giggles when the paparazzi spotted her on Monday but her face had a different expression [gasps!] when the super delicious Clay Cane asked about her love for plastic surgery during an interview.

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Bosom Buddies

56769215kdanick218200933626am.thumbnail Bosom Buddies 56769538kdanick218200933640am.thumbnail Bosom Buddies

I hate to break it to you but this isn’t the red carpet from the Dr. 90210 premiere party. Lil’ Kim and Coco are two brave souls. Heat softens plastic! I’m sure the people in attendance at the LuxuryFashion.com party had a bet going on about who would melt first.

Minus the  Golden Brooks proper male-up application and chocolate chip beauty mark  Kimberly looks fairly decent [if you look at her and then turn your head really quick] this time around. I can’t say the same about Coco’s concave chesticles though.

56769601kdanick218200933612am Bosom Buddies 56769191kdanick218200933826am Bosom Buddies 56769594kdanick218200933558am Bosom Buddies 56769174kdanick218200933807am Bosom Buddies 56769543kdanick218200935021am Bosom Buddies