Events: Lil’ Kim Performs During Pride Week In Atlanta

All images courtesy of Kodak Boi from Kidd U Not!

The “Say Something Nice” Challenge

kim 1 The Say Something Nice Challenge

Kimberly Denise Jones stepped out recently looking like . . . this. She was photographed in St. Tropez on Monday with her wig, pink face, fake contacts, fake nose, fake lips, fake chest cannons, fake everything. I remember a few years ago someone asking her why she got plastic surgery. Her response: “Because I wanted to have more fun in my photoshoots.” TRAGIC.

Although the damage already been done, we here at C+D would like to offer some kindness towards her way. Find something nice to say about our friend with body dysmorphic issues.

Do you see homegirl on the right laughing at Kim?

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I’m In Miami Trick

kim lisa raye Im In Miami Trick

Lil’ Kim and First Lady Diamond are no strangers to being women of the night but things are always easier with a partner. Don’t tell  The Punk of the South but they have blossomed into quite the socialites while spending time in The 305. As I have expressed time and time before I don’t think believe its in Kimberly’s best interest to be exposed to that much heat directly but a photo op is a photo op. Get into it!

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Candids: Lil’ Kim In Miami

Lil’ Lauper

cynkim Lil Lauper

Lil’ Kim and Rainbow Bright On Acid, eh, Cyndi Lypauer’s performance at Nelson Mandela’s A 46664 Celebration Concert was the unexpected “highlight” of the event. No shade to Aretha’s plunging neck line. Check it out under the hood.

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The Rumble In Diddy’s Jungle

Not that type of rumble, nasty ass! Sources [and by that I mean Black Rob  who was  also in charge of security detail at the event] tell All Hip Hop that Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim had face-to-face encounter towards the end of Diddy’s White Party on July 4th.

I couldn’t bother myself to edit a picture of the real [oxymoron, much?] Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans together so tah-dah.

kim faith The Rumble In Diddys JungleSources with said that Lil Kim took issue with her representation in Notorious, the biopic in which Faith was attached to.

Faith was in attendance with her husband and Lil Kim was with producer Choke No Joke and to some, this augmented the tension.

“It was really heated,” one source said. “It was about to pop off…there was crazy screaming.”

According to sources, Faith was saying, “I love you” to Lil Kim and Kim responded with “God bless you.”

However, later at the event, Kim asked Faith, “How would you say you love me when you trashed me in your book?”

Under anonymity, a source told “We know that [Faith saying 'I love you'] is bulls**t. It wasn’t even about the movie. It hurt Kim that she was being fake.”

Actor Dennis Da Menace, who played D-Roc in “Notorious” and Devante Swing of Jodeci fame were able to prevent a potentially violent exchange between Faith’s husband, Todd Russaw, and Choke No Joke.

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