Another Bad Creation: Lil Kim Releases Her Own ‘Flawless’ Remix

lil kim zps72af457e Another Bad Creation: Lil Kim Releases Her Own Flawless Remix

If looking in the mirror every morning to find Lucy Liu staring back is enough to motivate Lil’ Kim to invite herself to hop on the “Flawless” remix who are we to stop her?

The new mommy to daughter Royal Reign who “can still spit on the dick like an instrumental” surprised her legion of verified account Paypal users by dropping her own remix to the track — and using it as an opportunity to diss Nicki Minaj.


Never mind the fact that she didn’t have enough selfies to recreate the cover art or that she recorded her verse on the intercom system at the drive thru at McDonalds, lets focus on what’s important here: Lil Kim has Wi-Fi in 2014.

 Take a listen after the jump!

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Back & Forth: Deconstructing Kimberly

Fresh: Lil Kim’s career relaunch has had more false starts than the 1989 Geo Metro Evelyn Lozada is trying to convince people that her mama still drives around the Bronx “because she wants to.” Do you think her new video for “Looks Like Money” will be enough to bring her back?

Christian: Back to the unemployment office. I wanna know which currency she is trying to compare herself to.

Fresh: And what is the actual amount?

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wants Miley Cyrus For Next Ring Escort, Still Engaged To Shantel Jackson

kim floyd Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wants Miley Cyrus For Next Ring Escort, Still Engaged To Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather is confident that Miley Cyrus will accept his invitation to accompany him from the dressing room to the ring at his next fight.

“Yeah, she’ll be twerking,” the undefeated boxing champ, who was sighted hitting the New York City streets with Lil Kim on Wednesday (September 25), told Howard Stern during a visit to his New York studio. ”She’s like me, she’s an entertainer. She’s cool. I like her.  She’s real cool.”

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Girl Around Town: Lil’ Kim Hits The New York City Party Scene

kim Girl Around Town: Lil Kim Hits The New York City Party Scene

Lil’ Kim Jong is still trying her damn best to make the cast as the African American answer to Ms. Swan from Mad TV in the next Tyler Perry movie. Here she is earlier this month at DJ Coleman’s single release party at The Box in New York City.

I would take the opportunity to crack a “Reporting live from the scene it’s Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa” joke but I don’t know if ‘Family Guy’ is watched around these parts. But I will say a Queen Bee sighting always brings to mind that ‘The Parkers’ episode when Kim phone buddy Shaquan turned out to be the low budget Kimora Lee Simmons.

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Lil Kim Celebrates Her 39th Birthday In New York City

lil kim birthday Lil Kim Celebrates Her 39th Birthday In New York City

Last week, Lil’ Kim Jong hit up Greenhouse in New York City with her crew to celebrate her 39th birthday. The pint size rapper, who looked good from the neck down, spent her special day enjoying a 2 for $20 special at Applebee’s with her boo and by treating her fans to a brand spankin’ new single that was suppose to drop in 2010 or some shit.

Assist the Prime Minister of PayPal in collecting those YouTube coins by listening to the track after the jump. Cute for you, sis!

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From The C+D Vault: Cheap Liquor Plus Missy Elliott Equal A Good Time For All

Everybody knows you can expect to find two things on a music video set — bitches and drinks. Don’t credit my blissful ignorance for that jewel, Essence magazine subscribers. Thank Tremaine Neverson.

But what happens when you add Lil Kim‘s third face, Missy Elliott‘s appetite for kitty kat, and a ratchet ass Mary J. Blige (and the J is for jingalin’) to the equation? Find out by watching this trill trinity get down with a stomach full of Crown Royal and the freedom of not wearing any panties by pressing play!