An Evening of Disproportionate Body Shapes: Inside Wendy Williams’ 50th Birthday Party

wendy1 zps001a8169 An Evening of Disproportionate Body Shapes: Inside Wendy Williams 50th Birthday Party

Wendy Williams linked up with Sherri Shepherd, Danielle Brooks, Lil Jon, Bow Wow, Erica Mena and AARP (no really, check the background) to celebrate her 50th birthday in New York City last night. Under normal circumstances I would take a moment to reflect in detail about the time someone in the comments section said that Sherri has the stance of a pitbull terrier wearing heels but I’m pressed for time today.

wendy2 zpsee0db8e5 An Evening of Disproportionate Body Shapes: Inside Wendy Williams 50th Birthday Party

Also spotted inside the birthday bash: Dule Hill, Rochelle Aytes, Joe and a host of other people I’m not going to bother downloading pictures of, soooo yeah.

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Men Making Moves: Lance Gross, A$AP Rocky, Omar Epps, Jamie Foxx And More

men moves Men Making Moves: Lance Gross, A$AP Rocky, Omar Epps, Jamie Foxx And More

Damn, Omar Epps. Just damn. There’s a ‘Juice’ joke waiting in the wings. From A$AP Rocky‘s titty meat friendly release party to Common promoting his new movie, the fellas have been heavier in the streets than a DJ Kay Slay mixtape.

Keep clicking to check out more flicks from Lil JonJamie Foxx, Waka Flocka Flame, Marlon Wayans, Jim JonesSwizz Beatz, Lance GrossJohn Legend, Carmelo Anthony and more!

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Jill Scott: Pregnanted + Inked Up?

jill.thumbnail Jill Scott: Pregnanted + Inked Up? john1.thumbnail Jill Scott: Pregnanted + Inked Up?

Word on the curb is that Jilly from Philly is knocked up by her current boo John “Lil’ John” Roberts [not to be confused with the crunk juice guzzling Lil' Jon] and engaged to the drummer from Atlanta. The two are so much in love that they have each other’s names tatted on the back of their necks.

Tragic negroid move! It’s all good while you are in love and bliss but you’re a little more than likely to live to regret that shit. Remember when Brandy was heads over heels in love with Quentin Richardson and decided to get his face [face momofukas, face] tattooed on her back? Definitely not one of the brighter moments. Follow the link to that disaster.

Smash Wars: T-Pain vs Lil’ Jon

15935734731200853125pm Smash Wars: T Pain vs Lil Jon

Shake them dreads between my legs! I’m still trying to figure out who gave your cousins Neh Neh and Pooh free studio time? “I don’t wanna kiss you cause you got that twat mouth.” I refuse!

If you absolutely had to keep the human race going on strong who would you let motorboat?

The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known

But first . . .

This video of Papoose sparring with Remy Ma has a special place in my heart. Girl, you so thorough! To quote Lil’ Jon, “I like dem guhls who will help yo boy fight / dem be dem guhls that will fuck with a dyke.”

While we’re in the mood for love here at C+D [I said that shit like a young Donnie Simpson in his prime], Papoose penned a song for the special women in his  life [including boo Remy Ma], titled “My Girl.”

At the count of three everybody who believes in love and all that it can do for you say “awww.” One, two, absolutely not.

I can’t wait until these kids officially exchange vows once Pap’s ban from the clink is lifted. Little Latarian would make for a wonderful ring bearer, don’t you agree?


FYI . . .

FYI . . .

gb1 FYI . . .

Did you know that Golden Brooks is contractually obligated to look like a piece of piping hot shit at any events non-related to the CW? It’s true, I have the documents right here on my desk to prove it.

Gosh I love this woman. She makes this my job so much easier.

Christina Milian, Lauren Conrad (my inner Becky can’t get enough of The Hills), Meagan Good, David Banner and others all came out to the Oakley Women’s Eyewear Launch Party in West Hollywood last night.

It’s pretty bad when Lil’ Jon comes to a party looking better than you, Golden.

oakley 1 FYI . . . oakley 2 FYI . . . oakley 3 FYI . . .
oakley 4 FYI . . . oakley 5 FYI . . . oakley 6 FYI . . . oakley 7 FYI . . .