Yes, You Care: Khia Has A New Music Video

I’m not one to brag but the universe is continuing to shift in my favor. Catch me at your local gas station buying all the scratch off tickets tonight!

The Queen of Prepaid Phones (copyright Funky Dineva) is back! Watch Khia showcase her more vulnerable side in her new music video for the song “You Deserve It” by pressing play.



Woman Crush Every Day: Khia Gets “Married To The Music” In New Photo Shoot

khia1 zpsf5dc1b0b Woman Crush Every Day: Khia Gets Married To The Music In New Photo Shoot

Is it’s the reach in her arms, the span of her hips, the stride of her step, or the curl of her lips? Khia is a phenomenal woman, phenomenally. You hating bitches will deal.

There hasn’t been much news to report regarding Motormouf Shamone this year, but now that she internet access thanks to a pay-as-you-go mobile hotspot all that is about to change.

khia4 zps28410870 Woman Crush Every Day: Khia Gets Married To The Music In New Photo Shoot

The Queen of The South Section 8 Living is preparing to not only drop a novel but also a new album. Say what you will, but there are enough people to fill a Howard Johnson banquet room who are brimming with excitement.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Have A Night Cap With Khia

Screen Shot 2013 07 17 at 10.42.44 AM Woman Crush Wednesday: Have A Night Cap With Khia

Already taking the crown as C+D first ever Titty Meat Tuesday honoree, Khia has returned back to our starting line-up to push your fave’s imported yaki in a stage fan for the second time this week with the power of her raw sensuality. That K-Wang reign just won’t let up.

While she has yet to snag a glossy spread in Smooth magazine (or Sister 2 Sister for that matter, what gives?) hopefully being our premiere Woman Crush Wednesday subject will make up for the injustice. It gets more respect in the streets, anyway.

Make no mistake about it, the spellbinding way her ass crack sits lower on her body than her credit score added with the fact she could afford a stay at a motel for the night is enough to convince any heterosexual woman to take a deep plunge in her lady pond.

Just not me.

Titty Meat Tuesday: Queen Khia Edition

khia bathtub Titty Meat Tuesday: Queen Khia Edition

Queen Khia recently took time out her busy schedule of modeling for animal crackers boxes and selling government phones out the back of her ’04 Hummer to let all the haters know that even though her breast may forever be comatose still they rise!

Don’t shade her too hard. At least she can take a picture showing off her flat stomach and freshly shined gold teeth without an Instagram filter.

Somebody needs to hop in Photoshop and use this for the next Vibe Vixen: Nubian Goddess Edition because even roaches need a higher power to worship.

Sexual Napalm: Khia Is Ready For Some Football

khia3 Sexual Napalm: Khia Is Ready For Some Football

The unimaginative see a University of Florida beach towel. Bad bitches who happily hand over their income tax refund to trusted dope boys to make their money do gymnastics see the makings of an illustrious Grecian toga.

From the curious mind that brought welfare fraud straight to your iTunes playlist for more than a decade, Khia turns up the sex appeal in her latest flea market photo shoot. Deep down inside you secretly wish that you were this perfect.

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Watch This: An Intimate Evening With Khia

Why go through the hassle of reserving Roseland Ballroom when the back of Nate’s Rib Shack has a brand new bamboo deck?

Multi-wooden skewer selling rapper Khia recently treated fans to an intimate evening of excessive body odor and live music. Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle, welcome to the future. Check out Khia performing “Dickmatize Me” by pressing play. Get money, bitch!