Quick Flicks: Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala

84687108.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84690024.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84688424.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala

Uncle Clive’s pre-award show party is one of the major highlights of the Grammy  Awards weekend. Every year celebs gather in fabulous evening attire to pay tribute to the music exec. I would normally take this opportunity to make a ‘massa’ joke but since this is Black History Month I’m going to keep my lips sealed.

Nippy gave party guests a huge surprise when she hit the stage around 12:30 am to perform a medley of her past hits.

Houston, 45, sported big gold hoop earrings and a snug tea-length leopard-print gown as she confidently strutted across the stage in stiletto heels. Though her voice was not the sterling instrument of her prime, she seemed vocally fit, if somewhat buried by the loud band, backup singers and exuberant audience that cheered her return. [source]

84688289.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84688264.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84687165.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala

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Star Tracks: Keyshia Cole

84653903.thumbnail Star Tracks: Keyshia Cole 84653993.thumbnail Star Tracks: Keyshia Cole 84653582.thumbnail Star Tracks: Keyshia Cole

Something in the milk ain’t clean about Fergie’s face but has it ever been? Now that’s the rhetorical question for the day. You take the piss stains away from her crotch area and you almost forget completely that its her! Or at least I do.

But I digress.

Keyshia left Neffie and Soullow at the crizzy and attended an exclusive party for Vanity Fair and Krug dinner at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. I hope somebody checked her purse before she was allowed to walk out the door. Old habits die hard.

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Quick Quotes x From The C+D Vault

kcsecondvibecover2.thumbnail Quick Quotes x From The C+D Vault keyshiacolecover1.thumbnail Quick Quotes x From The C+D Vault


“I love Payless, the ghetto mall, and the flea market. Payless got the same thing as Louis Vuitton, except Louis Vuitton is a bigger name.”

- – Frankie talks fashion in the style issue of Vibe magazine

This shit is going to sell out faster than Obama victory newspapers! The cover featuring Frankie that is. You already know I’m buying five copies.

I’m not going to attempt to hide my disappointment that Neffie and Soullow weren’t invited to the photo shoot. Do you know how monumental that could have been? The tag line for the spread could have been Family Affair Fuckery. The world needs to be exposed to the beauty that is Neffie’s nape area! I know I’m not the only one who wants to reach out and touch the back of her kitchen with a hot comb and/or relaxer.

Take a stroll down memory lane with Frankie after the jump.

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Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson

84494433.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson 84494454.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson 84494439.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson

Just when I had almost given up on Black Love [I am still recovering from the break-up of Fantasia and Young Dro] here comes Ashford & Simpson in all of their Luster’s Pink Oil Mosturizer grandeur! Glory be to God!

The longtime songwriting duo’s first ever CD / DVD set Ashford & Simpson: The Real Thing is in stores today and features “mesmerizing performances” of all of their classic records. Young Jeezy and Keyshia Cole, this can still be you if you are willing to work it out! Do it for Neffie, do it for love, do it for a check.

84494407.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson 84494429.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson

Kendu Ain’t Having It

56518860122200942455pm.thumbnail Kendu Aint Having It

So why was Monica on stage singing that damn hard? She was doing a tribute to Willona Woods, of course.

Tidbits of behind the scene gossip from the BET Honors leaked out earlier this week. Here’s the scoop via That Bitch from Rhymes with Snitch:

The second annual BET Honors taped the other day and gossip is starting to leak out from behind the scenes. They say producers were really hot to have Keyshia Cole sing a tribute to Mary J. Blige, who was honored along with Tyler Perry and Magic Johnson, but Mary’s husband/manager nixed the idea claiming there too many comparisons between Mary and Keyshia as it is. Instead, Monica and Anita Baker sang the tribute to Mary while Keyshia was relegated to introducing choreographer Judith Jamison.

I blame the show producers and Kendu for this! K-Ci should have performed the tribute – - alone. It makes all of the sense in the world to me. More arrival flicks of Monica and Mary after the jump.

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In Case You Missed It: Daddy’s Girls

simmons1 In Case You Missed It: Daddys Girls

Watch the premiere on MTV.COM

Survey says, I can’t!

I would write a quick re-cap of last night’s premiere episode of Daddy’s Girls but I fell asleep after about five minutes of the show. The Simmons Sisters along with their friend Alysia and cousin Jessica just couldn’t keep my attention. I haven’t seen 20 minutes of scripted dialogue that bad since the episode of Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood when Keyshia Cole gives Choc [quiet on set!] voice lessons on the set of her music video. I was waiting for the camera crew to slip up and show Jo Jo holding cue cards with the girls’ lines written on them in crayon.

Now if you are looking for a Monday night show that has minimal fuckery but is still pretty entertaining I suggest Momma’s Boys! The show’s resident racist is my favorite cast member!

By the way, am I the only one who noticed that Angela and Vanessa’s apartment looks just like the one that Lauren and Audrina shared on The Hills? Kudos to MTV for going green!