Rewind: Keyshia Cole On ‘The View’

Keyshia Cole hit up The View last week to discuss the usual interview topics [Frankie's former life as a crackhead, Neffie's drunk pussy] but I couldn’t quite focus on any of that since I was fixated on Sherri Sheppard’s Mother Love wig. Absolutely not!

A Celebration of Yaki

candy girls A Celebration of Yaki

Something in my spirit is telling me that someone out there is mugging the screen saying “the fuck are these people.” It’s alright love, just click here.

That T. Error Mari is really staying in the relevancy loop nowadays. She sold a little ass to Black Men’s and now she is hanging out with the girls who do it for a living, nice! Her record may not move any units but at least she will never go without the fine things in life such as Louis Vuitton and high quality yaki. You know, the type of hair that sells by the ounce not that Beverly Johnson shit.

I almost forgot to mention that if you tilt your head and squint your eyes just a little that Terricka looks like a strong-faced version of Keyshia Cole. This may just be one of Frankie’s kids she said she would “catch up later with.”

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[Rewind] Keyshia Cole On Chelsea Lately

Keyshia Cole’s interview with Chelsea Handler [love that white girl] would have been so much better if she was in her 2005 mind frame or if her name was Nivea but she’s trying. She’s really trying! Thank God for Chelsea because we all know how blah KeKe can be in front of the camera.

I’m Just Saying . . .

keyshia cover.thumbnail Im Just Saying . . .

All I see is Corbin Bleu and the words grown and sexy. It seemed like it was only yesterday he was jumping rope with KeKe Palmer. This can’t be life.

Time to take the Sasha Fierce alter ego quiz!

Uncle Russell’s Wondering Eyes

stellaparty simmon 08 wenn2281985.thumbnail Uncle Russells Wondering Eyes

She got a donk?

Uncle Russell’s eyes were glued on one of Hugh Hefner’s former ball ticklers last night on the red carpet of his party. I’m sure if he really wanted to he could make Bridget his concubine of the moment and she wouldn’t have any problems with it. Once you have sucked an peen that ancient anything after that doesn’t seem bad.

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