Where Did Her Massive Chest Cannons Go?!

kc1.thumbnail Where Did Her Massive Chest Cannons Go?! kc3.thumbnail Where Did Her Massive Chest Cannons Go?! kc2.thumbnail Where Did Her Massive Chest Cannons Go?!

Something in the milk ain’t clean about this situation. I barely even recognized KeyLoLo when I first glanced at these pictures of her performing at a recent show. Girl, you so polished and refined! Then again maybe its just me. You know how I like my female R&B singers: cracked out drinking fawdies with Propecia,  suffering from island dick withdrawals [L. Boogie take em to the bridge!] and doing hoe shit for relevancy.

Times like this make me fall to my knees and thank Sweet Minty Jesus for Neffe and Frankie. I hope they present an award together at the 2009 EBT Awards. For more flicks of Keyshia and Ciara [you might as well look at her do something since you all clearly aren't supporting her new album] hit up Necole Bitchie!

Star Tracks: Keyshia Cole

86875424.thumbnail Star Tracks: Keyshia Cole


KeyLoLo borrowed Frankie’s welfare to work interview outfit for her performance of the National Anthem
before the Cleveland Cavaliers v. Atlanta Hawks Playoff Game 3. Neffe’s oldest daughter couldn’t hit that jacket with the steam iron real quick before she left the house? How dreadful.

Keyshia’s ex-boyfriend Young Jeezy looked on as her new rumored boo Cavs player Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson and teammates defeated the Hawks 97-82.

Cover To Cover: Keyshia In King

kc1.thumbnail Cover To Cover: Keyshia In King kc2.thumbnail Cover To Cover: Keyshia In King kc3.thumbnail Cover To Cover: Keyshia In King

Key Lo Lo took a page out of Leyomi Mizrahi’s manual [yes ma'am!] and twerked her yaki and honey glazed poak chops for the final issue of King magazine. I think a spread featuring Frankie rocking an assortment of different color wigs [think "Crush On You" video] would have been on point but the world may never know. One thing is for certain: Keyshia still can’t give an interview, shit.

Visit the House of Bitchie to read what she had to say about her chest cannons, love, and celebrity friends.

Come Back Soon!

aakeyshia.thumbnail Come Back Soon! aaking 09 jun tahiry lores.thumbnail Come Back Soon!

How To Rule This Recession. I’m going to leave that one alone out of respect [Datwon will always be the king in my head!] but . . . yeah, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t say something.

I am pretty bummed that this is the last hoorah though. I can’t begin to describe how much I am going to miss posting pictures of hoes [industry and regla] in need of publicity with the look of desperation in their eyes while their ass are tooted up just right against a starch white background. Myspace ain’t enough! Stay online at least! [Covers via Rap Radar]


74229616 Come Back Soon! 74229616 Come Back Soon! 74229616 Come Back Soon! 74229616 Come Back Soon! 74229616 Come Back Soon!

Spotted: Sheree Whitfield

57091436kdanick331200915413pm.thumbnail Spotted: Sheree Whitfield

Sheree is turning into that big cousin we all run into at the club! Lady Marmaduke partied along with her guest at Mick Boogie’s birthday celebration in New York City on Monday night. Now you know damn well that she can’t pick Mick Boogie out of a line-up of all black men but jumped at the opportunity to party with the “elite.” What she should do is go out for shots with Keyshia Cole’s sister Elite and call it a day.

I’m suppose to believe this chick is on DatPiff downloading mixtapes and shit? Pfft.

Style Jury: Keyshia Cole

57010952kdanick320200992904am.thumbnail Style Jury: Keyshia Cole 57010900kdanick320200992912am.thumbnail Style Jury: Keyshia Cole 57010910kdanick320200992832am.thumbnail Style Jury: Keyshia Cole

Keyshia’s style has come along way in the past year but she may have taken a few steps back at the 25th Annual Communication Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. last night. What’s your verdict?