Keyshia Cole Attends The Soul Train Awards 2012: Watch The New Music Video For “Trust And Believe”

keyshia soul1 Keyshia Cole Attends The Soul Train Awards 2012: Watch The New Music Video For Trust And Believe

It’s an indisputable fact that at least three cd’s tossed out of a car window by Cleo before engaging in hoodrat things with her friends in the movie ‘Set It Off’ were Keyshia Cole albums, but that hasn’t stopped the Oakland native from furthering her pursuits as a champion yodeler. Free oatmeal raisin cookie to the first person that stands to their feet and begins clapping slowly.

Rocking a new blonde coif, Frankie’s golden ticket was all smiles as she arrived at the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas last night. Inside, watch the music video for “Trust And Believe,” the second single from her upcoming album ‘Woman To Woman.’

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Keyshia Cole: Powerhouse 2012

keyshia powerhouse1 Keyshia Cole: Powerhouse 2012

Fresh off the campaign of defending her vagina against rumors that Diddy once sought shelter against nature’s elements by camping out inside, Keyshia Cole hit the stage in Philadelphia for Power 99′s Powerhouse concert on Saturday (October 26).

Dressed for success as Bedrock’s premiere cocktail waitress, Frankie’s golden goose howled through her discography.

Earlier this month Keyshia showed off a pair of shoes from her collection with Steve Madden.

“When I didn’t have any money and before I got my deal, I use to buy Steve Madden shoes,” Cole said during Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club show. “So I just want to make sure that I do really cute shoes that my demographic can afford.”

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Keyshia Cole Responds To Gucci Mane’s Claims On “Truth”

key gucci Keyshia Cole Responds To Gucci Manes Claims On Truth

It’s no wonder why all of your cousins were walking around like it was the middle of June this weekend. The trap was too hot.

On his snarling new track dissing Young Jeezy, God’s most beautiful creation yet Gucci Mane claims that Keyshia Cole is responsible for melting the Snowman’s heart by having an affair with P. Diddy while the two were involved in a relationship. Secret industry love triangle tea? Pour us a cup.

“I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her / But Puff was fucking her while you was falling in love with her,” raps the East Atlanta permanently congested trap star.

Now, you know Neffe and Soullow tipped Keyshia off about the track, right? World Star Hip Hop is their homepage. A family that keeps up with the latest struggle rap and hood fights together, stays together.

Before shooting friend Monica a quick text to double check the body count on the pistol she purchased at the Love Don’t Live Here Any More garage sale she held post Rocko break-up, Keyshia took her beef with LeFlair’s claims on the track straight to the tweets.

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Reality Rewind: Keyshia Cole And Frankie Squad Up for ‘Family First’

keyshia daniel1 Reality Rewind: Keyshia Cole And Frankie Squad Up for ‘Family First’

Who all ordered a 12-piece suicide hot with extra ranch and tuned in to the ghetto goodness that is Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson’s new show ‘Family First’ on BET?

In the premiere episode, Daniel took us to his home town where he explained to us that just like every other hood baller with a dream, grandma kept her sugar plum out them streets. I don’t know what it is but grandmamas be knowing how to hustle them babies for that early retirement.

We also got a smidgen of what’s to come in the six-episode series. Are you ready for the mood swings, irate yelling, and bitch fits from a cerified Oaktown yodeler with four albums and no Grammy’s to boot?

Below is a clip where it’s all good in the hood the night before KeyLoLo and Daniel’s wedding until neither of the moms hold up to their promise.

Flashback Flicks: Keyshia Cole And Monica Put It Down At The BET Awards

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If It’s Angry Keyshia Cole You Want, It’s Angry Keyshia Cole You Will Get!

keyshia leader1 If Its Angry Keyshia Cole You Want, Its Angry Keyshia Cole You Will Get!

Since jumping the broom with her husband Daniel Gibson, Oaktown champion yodeler Keyshia Cole has been on cloud nine, ditching the bitter hoodrat tracks that made her popular in the trap in the start of her career.

Since fans have sounded off on their displeasure with her music, KeyLoLo has decided to partner with a few songwriters to help her pen brand new scorned woman, fed up tracks. Who says Frankie’s kid don’t care what people think? Watch her interview with Singersroom discussing her upcoming album ‘Woman To Woman’ below.

Keyshia And DJ Go On A Shopping Trip

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Lil Wayne Brings Out Keyshia Cole At iHeartRadio Music Festival

keyshia wayne Lil Wayne Brings Out Keyshia Cole At iHeartRadio Music Festival

Its an inconvenient truth when every shameful shameful coon checking in from the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam make the claim to be riding around with a girl named Keisha smoking on Keisha in rap songs and on Facebook.

Luckily, Frankie built her squadron of hood savants Ford tough. It’s all about displaying grace under pressure.

Keyshia Cole joined Lil’ Wayne on stage to perform her single “Enough Of No Love” in Las Vegas at the annual iHeartRadio music festival on Friday (September 21).

After lighting up the stage with a high-energy set Weezy shared with Twitter fans that his favorite moment of the evening was meeting a brave cancer patent who also happened  to be a huge supporter of the rapper. The young fan went on to tell Lil Wayne “I ain’t got no worries.”

Check out Coleslaw and Lil Wang put it down after the jump!

Lil Wayne Backstage At The 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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